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Hi All!

I'm feeling awful.  I'm only on day 8.  I can't figure out if I'm feeling so bad because of this program or if life just started looking very bleak lately.  So many things in my life seem to be falling apart and I'm feeling depression, fatigue, hot flashes are coming in abundance, but I'm in menopause so that happens in a cycle anyway.  I'm obviously too tired to exercise and I feel like I'm in survival mode.  I cook, prepare, plan eat, work, eat some more and try and sleep without medication or supplements.  Everything I eat feels like it's stuck in the upper part of my stomach, so digestion is really off.  I then read about Auto immune deficiencies and what foods may not be ok.  I have no thyroid and take Synthroid, so I guess that means I shouldn't do eggs, as well as my favorite veggie Eggplant, etc.?

This diet is hard enough to get used to without reading what else I shouldn't be eating.  I had a small piece of steak with cauliflower on Saturday with husband and felt horrible afterword's, like it was stuck in my gut.  Since then, every piece of protein I seem to eat feels bad going down.  Any idea what that's about.  I've lost 1 or 2 lbs. and feel worse than I did when I started.  At what point do I feel the results of this program being a blessing.  As you can see I feel like crap.  I don't think beef and I get along.  I started to think that waaay before I started this plan, so I'm guessing I'll have to take beef off the list too.


Thanks for taking the time!

I'm just tired and cranky and I want a Cosmopolitan and a great piece of chocolate cake.



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Have you looked at the timeline lately? You seem to be pretty much on track. It does get better. 


If you want some feedback on things you could tweak to maybe see some improvement, post a few days' worth of food, sleep pattern, exercise, water intake, and anything else you feel might be having some impact, and I'm sure you'll get some feedback on if there are things you could try.


As far as AIP protocol -- finish a plain old W30 first. Then evaluate what you want to do from there. Many people, even people with autoimmune conditions, do see some improvement from doing a regular Whole30. You may be one of them. Obviously, if something clearly causes you problems, you can try cutting that one thing out and see what happens.


Another suggestion, based on what I've observed in myself and what I've read from others on the forum -- if you're not including at least one starchy veggie every day (like sweet potato, carrots, or any of the winter squashes like butternut, acorn, kabocha, or spaghetti squash), try that. For me, if I don't have enough starchy veggies, I seem to get more moody and sad and irritable, and I've seen other people post similar things here on the forum.


Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to tell you about feeling like the food is stuck in your throat. All I can think to tell you is to try different foods, ground meats, veggies that are cooked soft, maybe some soup. If you feel like the cooking and planning is taking up a lot of time every day, it might be worthwhile to set aside several hours over the weekend to cook up a bunch of things, so that during the week, most of your cooking is really just reheating. I find this helps a lot. I usually make up a pound or two of chicken, and a pound or two of ground beef, and at least get veggies cut up and ready to go -- and if they're veggies that will stand up to it, go ahead and cook enough for several servings, so you can just reheat them too. I try to cook everything separately and then I can combine them with different seasonings when I reheat, so it doesn't necessarily feel like eating the same thing over and over again.

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Hi jularoons. I also used to feel bad after eating beef, but only certain beef, like the regular lean ground beef from the supermarket.  It would sit like a lump in my stomach if eaten at night.  I noticed since switching to grass fed beef, that doesn't happen to me anymore.  If you're not eating grass fed, try that too.



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