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Alright, I'm at the halfway point and I'm not struggling with preparing food, eating the right foods etc. BUT, I'm experiencing similar crashes with food. It's frustrating me, because my number one goal is to be steady throughout the day.

Every two hours, I start to feel that at your core drop that low blood sugar gives you. HEre is what I ate/did today:

Pre/Post Workout

Paleo recovery bars (sweet potato, coc oil, eggs, spices), banana


4-6oz chicken over kale with Tahini sauce (2tbsp)


1/2 Avocado with 2 tbsp olive oil/balsamic dressing


4-6 oz chicken over spinach with tahini

Planned for dinner -

2 Medium Tilapi Fillets rolled in coconut & 5 crushed macadamia nuts

2Tbsp - Sunbutter sauce

Roasted Bell Pepper/Kale salad

1 Grande Iced Coffe with 1-2tbsp coc milk (full fat) & vanilla

My workout days are worse than others, which makes me feel I don't eat enough after my workout.

Today, it was a 40 min long crossfit workout...6 rounds of deads/handstands/rowing.

I am getting very disheartened. I can't handle the crashes. I certainly don't think the solution is a bunch of non-paleo food. But energy is one of my goals...and I'm not finding too much of it. I mean maybe I am low on iron, I eat red meat frequently....but I've been low before.

Opinions? Suggestions?

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I suspect you are hungry because you aren't getting enough calories. I would try eating more protein, especially some red meat. And you look low on carbs.

A couple boiled eggs make a good pre-workout meal, but I'd recommend some chicken breast and sweet potato afterwards.

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