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The most difficult part of the whole 30

Tanya K

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I found that doing the whole 30 itself to be actually fine. A little restrictive at first but I wasn't at deaths door hanging on for a piece of chocolate or anything, I just got on with it. For me the most difficult part is the reintro!! Wasn't quite expecting the level of pain from eating grains etc. I really wasn't well, sick in bed, exhausted and absolutely no energy whatsoever. It was like I had never eaten a healthy thing a day in my life! I was angry and cross because I have been doing so well since June as paleo, then even better again during the whole 30! So I felt sad, upset and angry that I was in so much pain again! It has taken until today to feel ok again. Pains all gone as if they were never there, tiredness lifted about 70% and expecting tomorrow to be even better. Basically when I am grain free and sugar free I am very well. It is shocking to think that all this time I have been so ill from eating grains!! It has been difficult just because it was painful physically! I couldn't give a monkeys if I ever saw a slice of cake again, all I want is a nice healthy, energetic enough body. I'm not asking to run marathons etc, I want to live a normal life without pain and woeful exhaustion. All I know the next time I do a whole 30, 60, 90 whatever, I shan't be trying grains of any description, these are a no go area!!

I love Baileys liqueur at Christmas time, not much just a wee drop and I am wondering how alcohol will effect me? I am thinking of trying this weekend but am ' nervous' to be honest! I want the relaxing cosy Christmassy feeling that that drink means to me, but I don't want the pain. So I had better try before Christmas just to see how it goes!

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