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Day 31 and experiencing more bloating & gas than when I started


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Today is day 31 of my first Whole30 (yay!). My main reason for starting the program was to heal my gut as I was suffering from bloating + gas issues. For the first week of my Whole30, bloating and gas were minimal / non-existent, but starting from week 2 it has increased a lot and now it is worse than before my Whole30 started. I know that this could be the result of the healing process, however I'm wondering if it could be something else (like a food sensitivity). The bloating increases regularly throughout the day; very little after meal 1, a little more after meal 2 and a lot more after meal 3.


Here is a sample meal plan:


Meal 1 - Sweet potato hash & 2 eggs, baked in clarified butter

Meal 2 - Shrimp, beetroots & 1/2 an avocado

Meal 3 - Ground beef, roasted vegetables & mayo (homemade, whole30 approved)


I'm drinking around 2 liters of water + white tea throughout the day and my stress levels are generally normal / low. I've also left out nuts & dried fruits.


Currently I'm wondering if I should continue with the regular Whole30 plan and turn it into a Whole45 or Whole60, or that it would be better to try the Autoimmune or FODMAP protocols? I could also start reintroduction now but I guess that wouldn't tell me much about how those food groups are related to the bloating + gas problems.


I'd love to hear your thoughts!


PS I've gotten a lot of other benefits from the Whole30 though, like clearer skin, more balanced energy and I sleep a lot better too.

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Congratulations on making it 31 days!  I'm sure a moderator will weigh in with better knowledge but it does sound like you could benefit from a W45 or 60.  I'm experiencing similar bloating that gradually worsens with each meal.  Fruit immediately following a meal really aggravated me.  Good for you steering clear of fruit and nuts.  That should rule some things out.  Hopefully with some more time you can straighten it all out.  Good luck!

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Thanks for your ideas & suggestions!  


I looked at the video and there are some things I can rule out: being stressed while eating, not chewing properly and parasites (the doctor tested that before). Also, it seems that the bloating happens regardless of what I eat, it just increases throughout the day. So it might not be related to specific food intolerances, but rather with all food not being properly digested. Taking probiotics and eating fermented foods and bone broth might work to heal my digestive tract. Hopefully that will help :-)!

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