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Started Sept. 1st - I think I need some buddies


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Hey there,


I have made it all the way to day 24 and am thinking I may need some whole30 buddies.  I am hoping to make this a whole60 so I'm not yet at the half way mark.


I have roughly 150 pounds to lose, not sure exactly because I am estimating my starting weight.  I know that by the way my clothes were fitting that I was likely somewhere around the 275 mark.  I would love to make some friends who are in the same boat as I am, needing to lose a significant amount of weight and especially needing to overcome seriously disordered eating.  The emotional part of this is much more difficult for me than the physical.  


So far, the first 3 weeks were not hard at all.  Yesterday and today have been very emotional.  I may not be eating enough, but I'm afraid to eat more.  I feel like I'm just now starting to get a hold on my consumption and am worried that I will overeat compliant food if I let myself.  Hopefully I'll get it all sorted out in the next couple of days.


Anyway, I am so glad to be here and am so grateful that Melissa and Dallas not only created this incredible program but have also created this space for us to support each other.



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