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What's the point of Whole30 if you're going to go back to eating the way you have after 30 days?


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So I've read the website and gone over all of the foods.  I understand the process of this but what is confusing to me is if you work so hard this 30 days to eliminate everything that's bad, lose weight, and feel good, then after your 30 days are over, then you reintroduce most things and feel yuck again??  What is the point then??  Wouldn't that be defeating the purpose of this?


Is this a whole lifestyle, that once you start eating this way you (in theory) continue to eat like this?


Are you suppose to do this every couple of months?  Or does this help you stop eating gluten and sugar for good?


I noticed there isn't any lettuce at all on the vegetables?  Why?


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'm just confused. 



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Think of the Whole30 as a nutritional reset. For 30 days you eliminate foods that can cause physical/psychological problems.

When done, if there are foods you want to eat again, or you're curious about in terms of your reaction, you systematically reintroduce them. If you have any sort of reaction, you then decide how you want to "ride your bike" going forward.

The shopping list is not an exhaustive list. You may have lettuce on a Whole30.

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