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Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14


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I started my whole 30 on the 25th of August and have decided to keep going and do another 30 days.


I'm a long way from my goal and feel I need a Whole 60 at least to really cement in the principles.


In my first whole 30 I went from 321 lbs down to 299 lbs. I'm sleeping so much better, stopped snoring and feel noticeably slimmer and fit into clothes which were too small in august.


My energy levels are fantastic now and I can see the improvements in my Kendo practice.


I started off my previous thread by saying that I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.


I've made some progress in the last 30 days but know I need to continue moving forward or I’ll fall back into the old habits.


I had a great support network in my last Whole 30 and would love to do so again. If anyone wants to team up during their whole 30 I’d be happy to be part of the group. We can help each other through this adventure.


Hope you have a great day.


We Can Do This!




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Hi David

I'm in this for another 30 days at least too. Maybe another 60. We'll see how we do this 30. I need to be a lot stricter this time around. Need to get better at reading labels.

I started the last w30 at 232 and am now 225.8. I only measured my stomach, which I lost 1 inch from. I'm feeling more energy now too. Still waiting on the sleep to improve. My sleep has always been bad. It's better but not great.

We welcome anyone that wants to join us here for support

We can do this


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Hi,  congrats on your accomplishment.  I started my W30 on Sept 2 (on day 24) and I am finding it much easier than I thought.  I am 54, have 2 daughters, 2 grand babies.  Thankfully I am not very over weight and don't have many issues with sleep, headaches..... but I believe in eating healthy and respecting your body.  I was 146 lbs at 12 years old and went on my first "diet" at 13.  My whole life has been restricting calories, obsessed with numbers, not enjoying events because I might gain lbs.  When you are heavy as a young kid it's tough.  In school I was tortured by other kids, they were so cruel.  I went on a mission to "never be fat again" but paid my own price for it. 


I have always dieted but never cut out sugar, dairy, grains or beans.  I always just ate very small amounts or used the healthy version.  A cousin did this challenge and I wasn't sure about trying it.  A friend helped me decide with even knowing it.  She has terminal cancer and I decided to do it in honor of her.  She has no choices right now and if I can't give up sugar in my coffee for 30 days then I should be ashamed of myself. 


I started and 24 days in I have done great.  The only things I had trouble with is my coffee, which I really miss, and not getting on the scale.  I have been in it 100% and very excited about it.  Along the way I got my 2 girls to join in.  I think they got sick of me trying to get them to try it and gave in to shut me up.  They are on day 11 and doing great.  I am hopeful for them because they are young but quite over weight and do have lots of issues, along with that we are all under 5 ft tall.  I think this could change how they feel about themselves both mentally and physically.  I will continue on with them after I hit day 30 so we can do it together.  I am looking forward to being able to weigh in but I am also a little nervous about not seeing results because of not having a lot of weight to lose and not having problems with my health.  Maybe my biggest improvement will be my mental attitude by learning not to be controlled by food. 


I followed your last forum and loved the support you all gave each other.  I really like how much contact you all had and would love to be a part of it.  Congrats to all of you.  Lisa

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Hi everyone,

Tried getting on yesterday, just too busy. Everything here is going good. My pants fit good this morning instead of being really tight. The waistband feels great for a change. Can't wait till they get loose and I have to go buy new ones. I feel that this time around is going to be better than the last W30. I was awake at 6am with no alarm clock this morning. Slept pretty good last night. Feel sleep is slowly getting better. I do have more energy now too.


David, How you doing this morning? You did so good last W30 and you will do good again this W30. Just stay on track and we will get there. I have close to 100lbs I would love to loose. I would be happy with 50lbs but going for the 100. Why not!! I feel that confident in this program. My birthday will be during this W30 and my husband will take me to dinner. I have been thinking of where I can go and stay compliant. I think the Texas Roadhouse is my best bet. I can have a steak, salad, and potato and be happy and get full. They have really great steaks. I am NOT going to have cake. No one ever makes me a cake anyway. I just usually order a slice for my birthday when we go out. Not this year though.


Lisa, Glad to have you with us. Last W30 instead of just following us you should of just jumped in and said HI.  You would of been welcomed. David doesn't usually get on during the weekends so we might not hear from him till Monday. Hopefully Tina will rejoin us as she has another week or more to go to finish her first W30. Bonnie reads the messages, but is so busy right now that she has a hard time getting on to post but she is doing good so far. She is in her second week I think,maybe her third week. I lost track. Just hard enough keeping track of myself sometimes. lol


A little about myself. I'm turning 51 in October and I weigh 225lbs as of right now. This is my 2nd go around with W30 and I will probably do another. It's getting easier to stick to this the longer I do it. My husband of 25 years, is a Lt. with the fire department and works 24 hour shifts so that leaves me cooking for myself a lot. When he's on his days off, he usually does most of the cooking. Since I started the W30 I have been doing almost all the cooking unless the meat is going on the grill. He is kinda doing this with me. He eats what I fix, but still has his bread and chips and beer. I have 2 grown kids. A daughter who lives in Colorado with her family and a son that just moved back in with us. He's trying to get back on his feet. Jobs aren't that great here. He's working for a construction company full time but only min. wages. He just bought a car yesterday so that helps me out some. I don't have to take him to and from work anymore. He's a good kid, just has had a lot of bad luck lately. I also have a granddaughter who is 4. She is my life. But she lives in Colorado so I don't get to see her very often. Thank god for Iphones and facetime. She loves to video chat with me. Sometimes she takes her moms phone and calls me herself. We don't know how she finds my number, but she does. They are suppose to come home for Thanksgiving this year so that will be great. We will be doing lots of cooking then. Some compliant and some not.

I have been overweight for about 20 years now. It started out slowly then over the last 5 years has gotten real bad. I had spinal surgery, they replaced 3 disc in my neck and it took a year to recover. I did a lot of just sitting and watching tv as I couldn't do much around the house or outside. I couldn't drive for several months and No lifting anything either. I was very limited. I'm doing good now, still a little weakness on my right side. I had lost the use of my right arm. I was becoming paralyzed on my right side. That was about 5 years ago. Now it's time to take care of getting all this extra weight off. I was always the skinny kid and even into my late 20's I was still thin. I would like to see that woman again, but understand that that's not realistic anymore. Well enough about me.


Hopefully we'll get Tina and Bonnie posting here again and maybe some of the girls from the last W30 will rejoin us too.

Hope you both have a great weekend.

We can do this


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Hi Guys !  back to stalking ya !!  LOL


Dawn - Texas Roadhouse was the restaurant we went to on Sunday with my peeps !  had a porterhouse and sweet potato.  The waitress kept asking if I wanted cinnamon butter - seasonings.  I think she thought I was nuts when I said - nothing   (I asked if they had clarified butter but they did not).  and no special seasonings on my steak either -  they were shocked !   my friends ordered a onion (blooming onion - wrong restaurant but the same thing) and they all were surprised when I did not partake.  It was easier to resist than I thought it would be.  I almost reached for some - out of habit... not because I was wanting some onions.


Made butternut soup last night with my home made chicken stock.  Turned out soooo yummy !  had that for breakfast, with the scotch eggs.  I do not care for the scotch eggs.  too dry - and must dip them in something.  so I just took the eggs out and ate them.  Have the eggs in my salad for M2 today.


I have a pretty easy weekend ahead of me - no birthdays !   Have a hair apt that is at 11.. too early to eat lunch and to late to hold off eating breakfast right before going.  so I am going to bring a lunch with me and eat it while my color is processing !  beautifying and nourishing at the same time !  HA.. then off to visit a friend, so no worries there either.


 Need to cook enough food to last all week, especially for breakfast  M1- so I can get all the requirements in for veggies. I can see that I may start to not having enough veggies with that first meal.   I am going to try the breakfast casseroles that David had posted.  My daughter like casseroles, so that is helpful with breakfast.  and they would be easy for the mornings !!!  (bonus for me )  Will definitely make breakfast meat balls.  


I have not been hungry in between meals - which is nice,  however today I did have my butternut soup at 10:30, my stomach was growling as I ate a minimal breakfast.


Still not waking up very well - at first I was getting up no problems - but lately have been lazy and hitting the snooze.  Many times  !


When I am officially done w/ my W30  on 10/3/14   I will get some excerise in my life.  and I am going to continue on with this and keep it going.


catch ya later

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Good morning everyone, Day 26 for me.  I am counting down now.  This morning I got up really early and put on a pot of Italian chicken soup.  I made enough so I'll have left overs to share with my girls.  My youngest had a horrible day Thursday but I was so proud that she stuck it out and did great.  I am at her house every day taking care of my grand kids so I do most of the food planning.  Thursday and Friday the other grandma was in from out of state so the "menu" kind of went off track.  It was one of those times where everything went wrong when my daughter was trying to get breakfast, lunch and dinner planned along with getting kids fed and one ready for school and get ready for work.  It all worked out and the girls are now 13 days in. 


Yesterday I went flea market and antique shopping with my cousin.  We stopped to eat and he wanted fast food fried chicken.  I had put stuff in my purse so I just started pulling stuff out.  It was funny, it was like I had a little restaurant.  I had cashews, left over grilled pork and an apple.  I have done this a number of times,  on day 2 we had a big banquet will amazing food everywhere.  I had called ahead and was told they would have salad so I made some dressing to bring.  At the last minute I put a container in my purse with chopped avocado, olives, boiled egg and raisins.  Thank goodness, the salad bar was ice burg lettuce, no tomato, no cucumber, nothing but lettuce.  I was glad to have my stash with me.  That taught me a lesson, now I always have something just in case.  I am thinking about getting a bigger purse!


Hope you all have a great day, Lisa

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Good morning everyone,

Was busy at the fair yesterday. A friends son was showing goats and took 1st place so he went to auction yesterday. He did really good. Sold his goat for $1000. He is set for next years goat project. Gonna do some cooking today inbetween cleaning house and doing laundry. My husband is cooking up a pot of Chili Colorado too. Enough I can have some to fall back on for the nights I don't want to cook. Had a problem with my jeans yesterday, I had to keep pulling them up. lol That's a good problem to have!! I figure by the time I'm done with this w30 I will be able to go buy new jeans. I'm so happy.


Tina, glad your with us again. I'm going to try the scotch eggs this week along with the casseroles David talked about. Will let you know how they turn out.

I think the seasonings on the steak are ok. its just salt, pepper and some other seasonings. no sugar. We cook our steaks the same way at home. Its the butter and rolls I have a problem with. We don't usually order the onion. I love it and it's so greasy, but so good. I will just have to be strong.

I'm still having a problem with tiredness. I wake up about 6am(no alarm) and have good energy through the day. Its about 8pm I start falling asleep. I just can't keep my eyes open. I have tried sleeping later, 7am, but just can't stay asleep. I don't know what to do.


Lisa, your so lucky to be able to take care of your grandkids. I always thought that's the type of grandma I would be, but my daughter moved to Colorado when she turned 18 and stayed there. When we go to visit, twice a year, I get to take care of my granddaughter the whole time. It's great till the other grandma shows up. She brings over junk food or processed foods. and gets Natalie off track. My daughter doesn't do any plan, she just tries to eat healthy. I'm going to do all the cooking while I'm up there Christmas, so they will be eating my food plan. Some of the stuff won't be compliant but I'll do my best. I'm not sure I will be on the W30 at that time anyway. I might take a break and then go back on in January.

Good move on packing your own food and saving your lunch. You need to get a small lunch bag with a refreezeable ice pack to carry food in. Then you can take more of a variety of foods.


David, hope you had a great weekend. Miss your post on the weekends. So proud of you from the last W30. You did so great. On to the next great success on this W30.


We can do this


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planning is everything on this program ( I hate to say diet- ok new life goals) I survived the lunch, and made it home in time to make dinner, had to resist snacking while I was making it. Had the liver from last night with some sw potatoes and white potatoes fried. No greens - but I just couldn't eat a salad.


I guess I will be babysitting my grandson tomorrow - I don't have any meals planned that he will like so it will be chicken tenders and fries for him. I almost cringe when I feed him things like that now - just knowing how "not healthy"

- they say you have a "kill all things" moment. I think yesterday was my day. I am irriated at my dog - was whining to go out at 5:15 this morning; then the cats wouldn't let me go back to sleep (fully), then I visited a dear friend. And she only talked about herself (I know - petty) and she didn't set aside time to actually just sit and visit- she was cleaning and organizing her garage the whole time - while I stood there. She is not the type to let you help. Again- petty. ( I could have left) Then my daughter tells me ( from dad's ) that she forgot pjs. Can you bring some - I was not anywhere near home so I had to go buy some- Why couldn't dad do this ?? To top it all off - I have new neighbors that are moving in Upstairs - GGGRRRR and then neighbor next to me - likes to smoke on her patio and of course, it comes right into my door, so I couldn't enjoy the nice weather and breeze coming in.


oh and as I looked in the mirror yesterday - those wonderful back flaps - you know the rolls on your back?- almost entirely gone ! I took before pics and measurements - and I was amazed !! That is enough to keep me going strong !


Dawn - the scotch eggs were not for me - I ended up disemboweling them and eating the eggs yesterday. I didn't want to waste them but just couldn't eat them. Too dry - and too dense.  definitely needed something on them or dip them in something.  I ended up tossing them.  I hope they turn out for you.

And awesome about your pant problem !!!   I hope to have that same issue. I have noticed that mine are also getting much looser. Not falling off loose - but definitely not snug.  I also making 1 of the casseroles that David suggested.  the cauliflower/sausage one.


I am looking forward to cooking and spending time with my little hellion of a grandson.


Hope everyone has a great day.

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Hi everyone,  Well I was busy today.  I work every Sunday at a church running the children's nursery so that was first on my list.  On the way home I went to Walmart to get a few things and the stuff to make dinner.  I came home and cleaned a family pack of chicken thighs that we grilled for dinner with sausage and pork, roasted a pan of broccoli, yellow squash and carrots and made sweet potatoes with a little coconut milk and cajun seasoning.  My 2 daughters, their hubbies and my grand kids ate over and visited for a while.


I made a batch of tuna salad, salmon salad, and mayo for this week so between that and what I cooked yesterday I'm pretty much on top of things.  I feel like I cleaned the kitchen all day.(I'm one of those people who have to clean as I go - can't stand working in a cluttered kitchen)  My daughters are weighing in weekly.  I know they aren't suppose to but I'm so glad they are giving this a shot I am not about to push them to much. I figure if it keeps them going it's better than them giving up.   At 2 weeks one lost 6.1 and the other 9.5 lbs.  They are pretty excited and motivated to go on. 


I hope everyone had a good weekend. Lisa

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Hello Day 6 (or 36)


I had a busy weekend and some connection issues so couldn’t get onto the forums over the weekend. I hope you all did well over the weekend and are staying strong.


I was really pleased with myself this weekend. I had a full day kendo seminar to attend and wasn’t sure about meals during the day. I made a breakfast bake on the Friday night which was my breakfast in the morning before heading out. I took some Jerky and dried mango to snack on during the 30 min (lunch) break we had. I was out all day, training hard and managed to stay compliant and hydrated the entire day.


What surprised me was how I did the meal prep without thinking about it. Normally I’d conjure up some creative reason to give myself an eat anything pass but not this time. I stuck to my nutritional values and no doubt improved my performance as a result.


Had a productive day cooking yesterday and I’m well prepared for the week ahead and should have minimal cooking in the weekday evenings. Go some mayonnaise to whip up tonight to make some coleslaw to go with my BBQ beef I had in the slow cooker yesterday.


Dawn, how are you? You did great in our first 30 days and we’ll only get stronger as we go on. When we began we knew we’d need to go beyond 30 and it’ll be a continual progression to a level of awesomeness. The Whole 30 is about more than a number on a scale or a measuring tape. There are many more positive improvements which make this so much more than a diet.


I need to work on my sleep too. I’m now sleeping really well but in the wrong position and waking up with some lower back pain.


Is there a Whole 9 program for changing your sleeping position?


I’m sure your birthday will be a great occasion and you’ll be able to get a great compliant meal to celebrate with. It can also be a chance to celebrate how far you’ve come.


Hello Lisa, Glad you joined in. You must be really happy to be so close to the end of your Whole 30. I found the forums a great help to me and I believe they’ll continue to be as we move on.  I think your motivation for doing this is amazing.


It sounds like it’s the things that aren’t as easy to measure which you’ll take out of the experience. Do you have the Tiger Blood energy levels yet?  Between weigh ins I found the looser clothes and the absence of niggling aches and pains to be a great motivator to continue.


I too have been overweight all my life. I’m sure there were a lot of comments made in school but none of them mattered as much as the ones I made to myself. I’m working on it and the progress I’m seeing is definitely helping but will take a long time to resolve.


Best of luck to you and your daughters, you will all do great.


Tina, glad to see you’ve found us. It’s not stalking its support and we need you. Thanks for joining us.


Our food choices can be strange to many but we know what our body needs and what we can do without. Well done on navigating the real world of food. How did your cookout go, were you able to try the breakfast bakes?


You’re almost there with your 30 days which is awesome.


Sorry the scotch eggs didn’t work out for you. I love them on their own but plan to have some this week with coleslaw to round off the meal. There will be some recipes that aren’t for everyone.


I seemed to miss a lot over the weekend on here. I’ll need to work on my weekend posting.


I hope everyone has a great day.


We Can Do This!



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Hello Day 7


How are you all today?


I’m still waking up with back pain in the morning; luckily I have a chiropractor appt on Thursday which should hopefully sort me out.


Had a good day yesterday, all my cooking was taken care of from Sunday’s efforts, I just had to reheat. I made some mayo last night too, I’m getting better each time I do it. It feels great to be making food by hand.


Tina, that’s great, you can overcome the water boredom. What does NSV mean? I’ll hazard a guess at Non-Scale Victory.


From the weekend’s comments it looks like everyone is becoming pretty good at planning and preparing food now. These new habits will lead us forward.


Anyone found any good recipes lately? I want to change things up a bit.


We can do this



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Goodmorning everyone,

Sitting here having my coffee and reading your post. Bonnie and I have a babyshower on Saturday for her daughter. We are planning on serving food as well as the cake. No cake for us though. We are including food that is compliant for us so we don't go off track. I am going out to the lake again for a couple of days so I will try to post from my phone, but I will be reading all your post as they come to me as email when you post.

Everyone is doing so good planning meals and cooking ahead of time. I made meatballs again to take with me and also a sweet potato. My hubby is doing pretty good at helping me plan meals that we both can eat that are compliant. I have been using the Wellfed cookbooks a lot. They have a lot of good recipes. If you don't already have the cookbooks I would suggest getting them. Even if you aren't going to do another W30, but doing the reintro it can help with those "getting boring" meals.

Lisa, sounds like your daughters are doing great. I understand their needing to weigh in the first 2 weeks to stay motivated. I did the same. When I realized it was really working I stopped. I have done so many diets only to find they didn't really work. I think that's why I needed to see results to want to stay on this program. Keep up the good work.

Tina, looks like your almost to the end of your 30 days. Are you going to stay with us for your reintro or are you going to do another W30? We will support you no matter what you do. Bet your excited to weigh in. I know I was. I know that we're more than a number on the scale, but between that and the NSV's it shows me it's working great and I need to stick to the program for a while longer. Oh and great job on the back flaps being gone. I know that must make you feel great. I can't wait till mine are gone. Keep it up!

David, Yes, NSV means non scale victories. I haven't come across any real recipes yet, but my husband did make a Mexican stew yesterday that was compliant. It consist of cubed pork roast, green chili's, tomatillos(little green tomatoes), potatoes, and chicken broth and some spices. It's real good. Its called Chili Verde. Don't know if you can get the tomatillos and green chili's where you live. I live right by Hatch, New Mexico where they grow the famous Hatch Green Chili. I have read on some of the other threads that pintrest has some recipes. Haven't checked it out yet. Sorry to hear about your back pain. I too have lower back pain quite a bit. I have 3 disc that are damaged and they give me a bit of a problem at times expecially when I sleep. I wake up hurting in the middle of the night. The chiropractor and a good massage really helps. Hope you feel better soon.

Bonnie, you really need to get your butt on here and post and let everyone know how your doing!! lol

Well, I hope everyone has a great day and stays motivated.

We can do this


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Hi everyone,  Day 29 for me.  The anticipation is driving me crazy.  The food thing doesn't bother me at all but I feel like tonight is going to be Christmas Eve and I can't wait to see if anything happened for me in the morning.  I am going to continue on with my girls but I will be putting honey in my coffee.  I really have come to love the coconut milk and when I read the ingredients on my creamer I really don't want to use that again.  I am going to use 1/2 tsp. of organic honey and I think that should be fine.  After having done with out it I think it will be like a treat.


Last night I had left overs of the grilled meat and veggies that we had on Sunday.  Don't know what I'll do tonight but I have a few things ready to go. 


David - one dish I've been making that me and my kids really like is sweet potato hash.  I just did it without a recipe but it's really easy.  I brown off some smoked sausage that I have chopped into very small pieces.  Add chopped onion and continue to brown.  Add in chopped sweet potato and then lastly 1 chopped apple.  I get it kind of browned and then add cajun seasoning, cumin and salt.  I add a little juice of whatever kind I have and at the end kind of mash some of it.  It really "sticks to the ribs", has that sweet/salty thing going and we love it.  There is another recipe on pinterest for crockpot Italian chicken soup.  I added my own touches but it was a good base recipe.


Well tomorrow I'll be sharing my results if any.  Wish me luck.  Lisa

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HI everyone -   I will certainly stay with you guys as long as you are here... DAY 28 !!!  


Today things feel slightly off - not bad, but not quite normal.     it could be that I have been eating later due to having to work OT and normal eat by 6:30 but it is 7:30 - 8 before I eat.    I guess I need to have warm up meals all ready on these days - evening making burgers & brussell sprouts took longer than I thought.   MY old self would have had a casserole all made.  <_< I do miss my casseroles - but am getting over it !!!   Maybe next Monday I will put a roast in the crockpot.  I have been meaning to get Well Fed 2 so I can get that BBQ recipe -  so maybe that will be my reward for making it 30 days !   then I can morph my roast into BBQ for Tues.


Part of me can't wait to weigh and measure my self -  but then am also leary...  I know it isn't about DIETING but better eating, more awareness... weight loss is a side affect.  I'm just hoping I have a case of the side affects !  I can feel the difference - so there must be some change even it is slight.


M1   3 fried eggs w/ shredded rutabaga,  I think the rutabaga will be put on the shelf for a while - getting tired of it and it was not tasting greatest today

M2   cauliflower/sausage bake (thanks David) and 3 breakfast meatballs and Dijon mustard mayo

M3   burger, brussel sprouts and cup of butternut squash soup


Last night had my very first fridge gazing .....  caught my self looking in the fridge for something to snack on - not the least bit hungry - checked out an orange, then thought oh maybe an apple...   Not hungry at all - so I walked away... I blame it on the fact that I made zoodles and had spaghetti sauce and some meatballs. But no other veggies - so didn't fill the tank as well as I should have,  Lesson learned ;)


Hope everyone is doing good !  I love reading how everyone is doing.

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Hello Day 8


I hope everyone is having a great day. I realise due to the time difference most of you will be sleeping, so sweet dreams. Oh wait, I didn’t mean dream about sweets, lets just go with have a restful nights sleep.


Bonnie, it’s great to see you back and congratulations on your achievements so far. Besides the weight loss what other positive changes did you notice? All the extra energy you now have will come in handy when your grandchild arrives. I hope the baby shower goes well.


Dawn, great to see you are planning ahead for the baby shower. I guess an easy way to be in more control of the food available in social situations would be to cook it yourself. I hope the baby shower is a success and your camping trip goes without a hitch. It’s great that you have Bonnie nearby and your husband is on board with the cooking.


I’ll have a look out for tomatillos and suspect I’d need to go into town to a whole foods or a larger supermarket to get them.


My parents are trying to help but they are still stuck in the old trap with “health foods” they brought me in some pre-packed sushi at the weekend and were a little confused when I said I wouldn’t eat it. To keep it simple I said if the ingredients had any shown in bold, I wouldn’t be able to eat it. I don’t know if it’s the same in US but in UK any potential allergens are shown in bold on the labels so I can quickly check ingredients on foods for compliance.


Lisa, the sweet potato hash sounds great. I’ve not had much success in the past trying to make a hash. I tend to make a hash of it. I haven’t really gotten the cooking times down yet. I seem to get to a place where some things are overcooked and some undercooked. I’ll need to keep working at it and do some finer dicing.


Looking forward to hearing about your results and it sounds like you’re taking quite a measured approach to your reintroduction. I hope your girls are still going strong; they have a great role model in you there with them.


Tina, I’m glad you enjoyed the bake. Once made, it’s a really good meal option in a hurry. I’ll be having some for lunch today. I’m thinking of trying one with grated potato and onion in it, think I’ll fry them off first to get a bit more awesome flavour in there.


There will be good days and bad days and certainly extended working can contribute. I find the longer the day goes on the less enthusiastic I am about cooking so I need to have quick meal options available.


Well done on stopping the habitual eating. I still get the notion to eat something, pretty much for the sake of eating. When I do I go get a drink of water and sip it slowly, afterwards I’ll see if I’m still hungry but normally not. I think there are some food cues locked away in my mind that will still surface from time to time which I need to combat.


Looking forward to hearing your results too. Just remember about all those NSVs you’ve had so far.


I’m feeling pretty tired today. I’ve actually been reluctant to go to sleep because I know I’m going to wake up with a sore back. I’ve been reading about sleep posture but it’s the application and change which is going to take a long time.


I have to keep working at it. Chiropractor tomorrow so hopefully she’ll be able to give me advice.


I hope everyone has a great day.


We Can Do This!



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Hi Everyone,


Dawn led me over here from another post where I mentioned I would be extending into a Whole 60.  Today is day 31 and I'm excited to see where I can take myself with more time.  Yesterday was a pretty low day for me...I was so exhausted and not feeling myself at all.  It would have been a horrible way to end my experience.  I had already known before then that I needed more time so continuing for another month was in my mindset.  My digestion is still working itself out and I feel like some days are still trial and error.  More than anything I know I need to break my unhealthy attachment to food.  Yesterday when I was feeling so crummy all I wanted to do was snack and binge.  I knew I wasn't hungry and I could barely touch my designated meals.  But I could have eaten any entire jar of homemade sunflower butter or bucket of fruit if you let me.  The sugar dragon is still haunting me!  I really hope I can conquer some of those impulses in the next 30 days.  I will be checking in as frequently as possible.  It's great to have the support.  I think it will help me stay on track and motivate me on those days I'm just not 'feeling it'.  Good luck to you all.  Have a great day and keep your head up!

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Good morning everyone.  Day 30 finally here.  first thing this morning I had my coffee with my long anticipated 1/2 tsp of honey in it.  It was nice but honestlyI have been building this up so much that it wasn't as great as I thought.  Right now I am not reintroducing anything else.  My girls are still doing this and I think it's better for me to stick with them.  I really would like to see if I can make this a new way of eating and just have occasional days of eating things 


When I started this I weighed in at 130.6.  I had been eating very healthy and dieting but have not been able to get past 126.9 for about 2 years and I probably stayed that weight for a day.  This morning I weighed in at 125.7.  I was happy that I broke my range.


I notice that my pants are looser and that I have more energy.  I get up at 5:30 and I usually move pretty slowly for a while.  Lately I am awake and alert.  Now I find I'm up before the alarm and there is not any dragging through the first 20 minutes trying to come to life. 


I feel like I'm thinking differently about food.  I have always been totally obsessed with food, weight, recipes,......anything have to do with food.  Now it doesn't seem to take over my thoughts.  I don't get anxiety when I watch the food channel, I've been to weddings, banquets and parties where there was incredible food or what I thought was incredible and I didn't get depressed or let my event get ruined because I was thinking about what I could eat, what I couldn't eat, how much I would gain if I did eat and how long I would have to starve to take off lbs I might gain. 


I feel good and I am happy that I did what I set out to do - complete the challenge.  I am continuing and hope there are more good things to come. :)



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I am so annoyed with this phone right now. I made out this long post and got a phone call right before hitting "post " and the website signed me out and didn't save it so I couldn't post it. Ugh!!

Any way....

Welcome Kate

I too am doing another w30 because I haven't gotten rid of the sugar cravings, regained all the energy I want or lost all the bloating I want. If I need to go 90 days I'll do that. I'm Finding this program does work if you stick to it and that's not that hard to do. I've tried many diets over the years and nothing has worked long term.

Lisa, great job on getting over that hump. Funny how you don't have that craving for the honey after all. I hope I get there soon. Glad your sticking it out with your daughters. How much longer do they have on their 30 days. Are you going to do a reintro then?

Tina, you've been doing so good. Just hang in there. Could it have been something you ate that's making you feel sluggish? Stay strong

Bonnie, it's about time you showed up on here. Lol.

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Hello Day 8


Good morning everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you are all doing brilliantly.


Hi Kate, it sounds like you had a rough day 30. I came down with the cold at the end of my Whole 30 and it did take the shine off things for me. However when I thought back to all the achievements I’d made  and that in spite of having a cold I still felt a lot better than I had when I began, I was a lot happier with my situation. We’re going to have good and bad days as our bodies realise we’re now nourishing it rather than feeding it.


I have a pretty dysfunctional relationship with food; it was my answer to everything. The impulse may remain but as we continue on our journey our resolve will only become stronger.


We’ve all had moments when we weren’t feeling to good about ourselves and I think the forum really helped. You can do this.


Lisa, congratulations on completing your Whole 30. It looks like you had a lot of non scale victories to go with your weight loss. You must be happy to break your barrier. I’m still waiting for the boundless energy in the morning to come. I need to resolve my sleep issue first though.


Being less anxious around food must be a great relief. When you are struggling with food, the thoughts about food can become a source of stress, you seem to much stronger now and able to overcome the negative food thoughts.


You said the Honey wasn’t as good as you had expected, will you continue to reintroduce or go back into the strict whole 30 again?


Dawn, sorry you’re having technology problems, but you are out in nature just now which must be awesome. How are you enjoying trip, I hope your food plans have worked out for you. Please let your husband catch the fish this time so you don’t lose the lucky lure.


Now that we’ve completed the initial 30, it seems a lot more do-able. We’ll keep going as long as it takes.


All my life I’ve slept on my stomach. This wasn’t an issue till I had a car accident about 4 years ago. After some intensive massage and Chiropractor help I was able to recover but I keep bringing the pain back due to how I’m sleeping. I’ve tried a lot of different things and they haven’t paid off for me. I even tried my wives pregnancy pillow, the one that runs under you side and then down between your knees and it didn’t work for me.


My shoulders were sore after Kendo last night so I slept on the couch downstairs to avoid any further pain. I felt better this morning but it’s not a long term solution. I’d like to be able to sleep on my back and perhaps I need to replicate how I sleep on the couch, both head and legs elevated to have some more success.


I’m going to the chiropractor today for a routine adjustment so hopefully I’ll see an improvement from there.


Hope everyone has a great day

We Can Do This



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Good morning everyone.  Today is day 1 or 31 for me.  I feel so good and I'm so glad I did this.  I think one reason I like this so much is that I am a control freak.  Lots of time that is not a good thing but it sure worked for me with this process.  I love that feeling that I am in control of all of my food choices.  I got on the scale this morning to start my next 30 and I actually lost a little more.  I was 124.9.  A pleasant surprise and I'm ready to go.


David = I will be keeping the 1/2 tsp of honey in the coffee.  My coffee recipe is:  coffee, 1 Tbsp. of coconut milk, 1/4 tsp. of coconut butter and 1/2 tsp. honey.  I guess I really won't be doing another whole 30 since I'm using honey but as long as ya'll are okay with it I'll still chug along with ya'll except for the honey.  I am not introducing anything else for now so I can stick with my girls.  I hope you gain some ground with your sleep issues and back problems.  I am a stomach sleeper also and even though I don't have many back problems I can tell when I get up that it's not the way I should sleep.  Sometimes before I get out of bed I actually I have to curl up and bring my knees to my chest for a few minutes.  Laying on my stomach actually causes me to arch my back in the wrong direction so curling up helps.  I love sleeping on the sofa because it causes me to sleep on my side but like you said the sofa is not the answer. 


Well off to the grand babies soon.  I am looking forward to the next few weeks and so glad I will be going through it with ya'll.  Have a great day.

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David - do they have Sleep Number beds where you are ??  I also have had many back issues and I got a sleep number bed - and love it.  it is basically an air bed that you adjust to the hardness/softness that you like - need.  It is a great bed and if they are available to you - you might want to look into it.  I had a king size - and you each get your own controls !!     Also has life time warranty.   Google it - maybe they sell them internationally. ? ???   Good luck  !



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