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Day 3-- Is it possible to eat too much meat?


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Meat includes fish & eggs, of course...

I'm a Whole30 first-timer and started this past Monday (Aug 13) and just finished Day 3. :)

I'm doing this to really dial-in my nutrition and to experiment with how diet affects my well-being. I've tried eating "paleo", or really "paleo-inspired" but haven't ever been super-strict about ingredients, additives, or cooking methods, so the biggest challenge is keeping on plan on that end.

With just three meals a day, I'm finding myself to be kind of ravenous a few hours after eating. Example: tonight for dinner, I had a 6-8oz steak, 6-8oz of scallops (surf & turf!) a big plate of Brussels sprouts and some sauteed mushrooms. All was cooked with generous hands of olive oil (sprouts) and ghee (meat, fish, mushrooms)*.

Lunch (around 12:30) was a good-size Nicoise-esque salad (~6oz tuna, hardboiled egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, lots of lettuce, topped with some homemade mayo-based dressing)... it was definitely bigger than a lunch-takeout-size salad. I had some cherries and pluot about 2hrs after lunch, but was getting seriously hangry by 4pm. If I didn't have the fruit snack, I would have hit the wall at 3.

I am feeling a bit more exhausted than usual, so maybe this is just a re-set issue, but just wondering if anyone has input on this... eat more? I'm stuffed after eating (esp a rich dinner like tonight), but I hate being hungry a few hours later.

Pre-W30, I typically ate some meat at every meal.

*I totally took a picture of my fancy dinner and texted my friends: "I am on a very strict diet." hahaha!

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Restarted the W30 on Monday. Got bit by the sugarless chewing gum! So.. I am very interested in what you said about the amount of meat needed. I had a 8 oz steak last night with side salad ( mushrooms, carrots, cherry tomatoes with extra light olive oil and lemon juice) and side order of broccoli. Hungry for something about 2 hours later as well. I grab a glass of water and ate a couple of fresh picked cherries.

Feel great this morning... finally no headache, energy, more control and sleeping like a rock but concerned about the amount of food I am consuming.

Think it might be the "restart" button syndrome?

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Thanks for note-- glad I'm not alone in that feeling.

Woke up really hungry this morning-- 3 eggs with smoked salmon and avocado and a 1/2 pint of blackberries at 7-7:15. Also a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

Got into the office by 8:30 and was super hungry already.

I'm splurging (I'm single, no kids-- so I have wiggle room in the food budget) on the on-plan foods that I am excited about and consider that all of this is less costly than eating meals out, which is something I do too much... but I can't imagine, like absolutely doubling my food intake and budget.

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It's definitely the re-start syndrome. I'm a profesional re-starter on this program! I'm tired, hungry, cranky, almost everyone is annoying me. In a few days that tapers off and I feel so much better.

I feel the same way usually about an hour before eating again. I also eat veggies in the morning to help keep me fuller longer. Like today I had a boatload of asparagus and that helps a lot! Honestly I would rather be hungrier sooner and drink a lot of water than feel the way I did if I ate a ton of junk food. It gets better!

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OK-- I think it's definitely a sugar thing.

I stopped at Whole Foods after work to pick up a rotisserie chicken and saw these BEAUTIFUL peaches. I think the sign said something like, "Extra-long tree-ripened so they're extra delicious... ready-to-eat immediately!"

And I got one and ate it. And I was not crazy hungry for hours.

I don't think I'm eating an overabundance of fruit, but I will watch it a bit more. I'm avoiding dried fruit, but there is so much fabulous fruit in season right now (I'm in Seattle) and it feels like a sin not to enjoy it. And I can't imagine anyone ever got fat eating peaches (or cherries, or blackberries, or nectarines, or pluots...)

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