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Day 2 - together with my 1st grader


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I found this program through research I did on ADHD and diet.  Someone on another forum suggested the Whole 30 as a way to see if my son's diagnosis was actually a food allergy/sensitivity or exacerbated by a food allergy/sensitivity.  Worth a look.  He and I are on our second day.  We drug his 8-year-old brother with us, who dramatically yelled "Why are you torturing us??" when we went to the grocery store last time. 


I'm hopeful that this will make a difference in my son's ability to focus at school.  For me, I'm hopeful that my energy levels will improve and that my hormones will even out.  I've been playing with this idea for so long and thinking that it is just too hard.  Then, the other night, I watched my son sleeping and thought, "Putting him on medicine is the easy thing to do, not the right thing."  That's a shout out to Dumbledore lovers. 


So here we are, doing the right thing.  :)

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