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sleep issues


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I am on day 24 of my whole 30 and everything is going well.  I have 3 main reasons for trying this plan.  1. to get off my over the counter sleeping pill 2. to see if this would improve early signs of arthritis 3 to see if there would be any improvement on my blood pressure.  After day 3 I was able to stop the sleeping pill and sleep fairly well through the night.  However for the past 2 nights I am back to waking up at about 2 am.  I toss and turn for a good hour and then fall back asleep.  Nothing has changed in my eating plan and I cannot figure out what is going on.


From what I learned in the book, I was consuming a steady stream of carbs and waking up in the night due to my blood sugar crashing.  I am no longer doing that, so I don't understand why I am waking up.


I am seeing some improvement in arthritis pain but not ready to say it has completely cleared.


No improvement in blood pressure.  I am not overweight and exercise 5-6 days per week.  It may just be the genetics I was given.


Any suggestions on the sleeping issue would be appreciated.

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We have talked about this a lot. Here is how to search. 


1. Go to the search box near the top, right hand side of the page.

2. Click on the magnifying glass icon.

3. Type the word sleep in as your search term.

4. In the match section, select "search in titles only."

5. Click Search Now to search.


Many topics devoted to sleep come up. People offer lots of suggestions.

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