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Anyone else with IBS/IBD having increase in "issues"?


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**warning TMI ahead**


I am on day 12 and have hit some of the timeline issues spot on (i.e. Kill.All.Things and sleepiness).  I was following a sloppy paleo diet for 2 years prior to starting the Whole30, so the premise and cooking wasn't too tough.  My issue is I have IBD and prior to starting, I have trained my body to take care of it's business in the morning.  I am moderately lactose intolerant, so my thought was my morning coffee with a splash of organic 1/2 & 1/2 helped move everything out in the morning (I told you this was TMI).  Unless I completely ate something crazy, such as a lot of pizza, my symptoms were completely manageable.


However, it is definitely not the case now.  My stomach is more "rumbly" and I have more than one issue with going to the bathroom.  The only thing I can think of are all the veggies I am eating.  I rarely had veggies for breakfast and the only meal that was a definite was dinner. Perhaps all the fiber I am now getting is the issue.  I know I am healthier overall but wonder if anyone else with diagnosed IBD is experiencing this issue.


The following log is from my last two days and is pretty much what I've been eating throughout.

Day 11:

Workout: 5:30am bootcamp class

Sleep:  Slept well.  I’m dreaming a bit, which never happens, so I take that as sleeping better.  I woke up before the 5am alarm but still tired.  

Overall: Feel good but tired. I don’t feel that awful potato chip craving.  I think big addition of working out is assisting my sleepiness but that’s okay.  Was in a good mood.  A bit of stomach issues with IBD continues.


Breakfast:  Serving of sweet potato and sausage casserole and a few raspberries.  2 cups black coffee

Lunch: Kung pao chicken, sauteed brussels sprouts and ½ sweet potato

Cashews and dates for snack

Dinner:  Bibimbap. Amazing!!!  Really satisfying meal.


Day 10:

Workout: none

Sleep: Went to bed quite early and woke up before alarm but still tired.  Slept okay though.

Overall:  Feeling tired today.  I’ve been much more active, so perhaps that is why.  I honestly wish I could just have one day where I wake up and feel refreshed.  I definitely am less hungry and have to psyche myself up for eating.  Not sure what that is about.  If there was a bag of potato chips in front of me, I would have no problem eating that.  Ate potato wedges for dinner and I think that satisfied my potato craving, so maybe I just needed more carbs.


Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon; sauteed sweet potato with onion and garlic; 2 cups black coffee.

Lunch:  Meatloaf  with steamed broccoli and leftover sweet potato from breakfast.

Dinner: Kung pao chicken, sauteed brussels sprouts and roasted potato wedges


Any thoughts or just ride it through? Thanks, Alissa

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I have IBS and I was also worried about my IBS issues when I started Whole30 because my daily whole wheat grains were one of my best fiber sources. But, happily, I have been doing just great with drinking lots of water and eating plenty of vegetables and fruit. One thing that may help for me is that is that I had also been taking a magnesium malate/potassium/taurine supplement for the last 6 months. That supplement is great for helping me be regular and I guess I don't actually need the brans and grains after all!

On a side note, I can't have caffeine at all with my IBS, not sure how you can drink coffee and have IBD?

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