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Hi, this is my first attempt at an AIP whole 30, with some modifications.


I have elevated thyroid antibodies, not high enough according to my doctor to medicate, but I am lethargic, depressed and pretty miserable.  I am 60lbs over-weight. (235lbs/5'11").  I completely lost any ability to be proactive at the beginning of this year so I am hoping to change all that.


I said I am doing the AIP, but I have included coffee because of factors outside of my control - I am well aware that I am addicted to it but I cannot deal with the three day headache at the moment.  The good news is that I drink it black and haven't ever taken sugar it in so things could be worse.


Day One - Monday 22nd September,


Breakfast: Banana & Spinach Smoothie (banana, 80g spinach, water) Coffee, apple

Lunch: Chicken leg roasted. Brussels sprouts;

Dinner: Salmon, steamed, leeks cooked in a little olive oil; kiwi fruit


Day Two - Tuesday 23rd September


Breakfast: Banana & Spinach smoothie, as above with dollop of coconut milk; piece of chicken breast, coffee

Lunch: Steamed salmon with leeks cooked in olive oil, apple.

Dinner: Salad (leaves, scallions, mushrooms, celery, Cucumber, Sweet potato fries (baked in a little coconut oil)


Day Three - Wednesday 24th September


Breakfast Banana & Spinach smoothie, as above with dollop of coconut milk; piece of chicken breast, coffee

Lunch: Salad (as dinner last night) with  tuna and  anchovies, homemade carrot and ginger 'sauerkraut'

Dinner Sirloin steak with spinach and sweet potato fries (as above) Fruit (sugar withdrawals?) mango, melon, banana, kiwi.


Day Four - Thursday 25th September


Breakfast: Steak, green beans (? ai compliant?) sweet potato (very late breakfast)


Dinner: Smoked salmon, steak, Brussels sprouts, Kiwi, banana; melon;


Bad day at work, stuff out of my control - didn't eat breakfast until about 11.00 - wasn't then hungry at lunch time but was starving by dinner time so shoveled a packet of smoked salmon in which I didn't intend doing.   


Day Five - Friday 26th September


Breakfast; Steak & Brussels sprouts sauteed in coconut oil

Lunch; Green salad, lots of leaves, homemade dressing (olive oil, white wine vinegar, garlic) slices of chicken breast; kiwi fruit

Dinner: beef burger (beef; fresh oregano, arrowroot powder); Sweet potato chips; salad leaves, homemade carrot & ginger kraut; banana; passion-fruit; kiwi, coconut milk.


So, I realise I am eating too much fruit, partly it was because I had it in the house - I am trying to buy less of it and be more controlled round it - I am guessing my over eating of fruit a couple of times is sugar related, but I am not beating myself up about it because, hey - it could have been a family pack of Peanut M&Ms!  Onward and upward, I will buy less sugary fruit and see how it goes.


Friday was Kill. All. The. Things.  I have to say I thought that was all a bit silly and I would be fine - why on earth would I want to kill anything?  Well.... it didn't work out like that - actually I didn't want to kill all the things - I wanted to catch them, subject them to torture, kill them and then possibly eat them.  I refrained, you will be glad to hear, but it was close.  I hope it will be easier today.


I have tried a couple of Whole 30s before but never got past the first few days.  Usually wine or chocolate has got me.  This feels different.  I smoked for a very long time and gave up on several occasions.  Each time there was a big trumpeting and fanfare and ceremonial throwing away of the cigarettes and lighter and each time I failed after a few months.  The last time I quit there was no big decision, no announcements, no statements.  I just got up one morning and thought, I wont have that early morning coffee cigarette and then I didn't have the one in the car on the way to work.  Then I thought I will wait until coffee break to have one.  It was so much easier - there was no pressure because I hadn't given them up - no fear of failure.  I just never had that next cigarette.  The lighter is still where I left it a year ago.   I kind of feel the same way about food this time round - it's my choice, maybe I will make it for thirty days, maybe I won't.  But I am not going to eat anything non-compliant in the next hour.  I know that for sure.  I won't be perfect - I ate a passion-fruit yesterday and as they are mostly seeds I am not sure that they are compliant and can't find any definitive answer.  


I also know that I am going to screw up the reintroduction at the end because a week after I finish I am going to Rome for four days.  I will get a blood test done after the 30 days and see if it has made a difference to my thyroid antibodies - if it has then I will know what to do after Rome - if it hasn't then I guess I will have to think of something else.

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Day Six - Saturday 27th September


Breakfast: Sauteed beef mince with spinach, mushrooms and garlic. Banana with coconut milk.

Lunch: mini meal of tiny burger from last night, green salad, avocado and carrot & ginger kraut. 

Dinner: Burger (beef mince, oregano) sweet potato chips, salad with C&G kraut.

Snacks: Apple; Half a coconut.  This wasn't hunger, it was just there. So I ate it.


Two weeks without alcohol is unlike me so I have celebrated by buying a lovely geranium for my kitchen windowsill.  It's pink and it's pretty.


My temper was nothing like as bad as yesterday, but a bit irritable all the same.  Bed early I think!

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Day Seven - Sunday  28th September


Gosh I am BAD TEMPERED today.  I have been feeling that this is fairly simple.  Eat proper food, Do the other stuff in my life that needs doing.  Go to bed and sleep.  Start again.  I read a load of other people's logs last night and I think it was a mistake for me to do that.  Although it is great to get tips and have an idea of what to expect, I wonder if I am taking on symptoms just because I think I should be having them.


It seems an extremely long way to 22nd September.


Breakfast: minced beef sauteed with spinach; a banana with coconut milk.

Lunch: Roast chicken with roast vegetables

Dinner: Salmon & Celeriac fishcake. banana.


Lots of time spent making food for the week and really wasn't hungry at dinner time.  

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Day Eight - Monday 29 September


Breakfast: Celaric & Salmon Fishcakes

Lunch: Roast chicken, roast vegetables, gravy.

Dunner: Fishcakes; piece of burger; half an avocado; fruit salad: banana, kiwifruit, melon, passion-fruit.


I haven't eaten a single green vegetable today and I don't care.  I am sick of vegetables and I am sick of being good.  I am still thick-headed, lethargic and bad tempered.  Really rather hoping this improves soon.


In other news though, I have been trying to go to bed early enough/ get enough sleep that I wake naturally before the alarm and I am getting pretty good at it.  Woke at 5.30 this morning which is a little early but I am discovering that I pretty much need the full eight hours.  How average am I?

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Day Nine - Tuesday 30th September


So, so, so tired.  Work today was a nightmare - I was so barely awake I have no idea what went on.  I haven't been asleep before eight pm since I was about ten years old, but I will be tonight.


Breakfast: Broccoli, chicken, avocado

Lunch: Chicken, banana, apple, kiwi (I know)

Dinner: Pork stir-fried, sweet potato.




Oh yeah, and really craving Coke - what's that about?  I haven't had Coke for years and years.  It could have actually been in the last century that I had a Coke, but I keep thinking of a nice, cold, bubbly Coke.  Arrrg.

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Day ten - Wednesday 1st October 2014


Breakfast: Fishcake; courgettes

Lunch: Smoked mackerel, chicken, salad, apple, banana

Dinner: Sirloin steak; mixed green leaves; sweet potato.  Homemade dressing.


Really bad tummy upset last night and this morning. But astonishingly, I am feeling better.  My head suddenly feels clearer.  For the first time in ages I didn't feel like I was viewing the world from underwater.  Work didn't seem like such a nightmare.  I am pleasantly surprised and really hopeful.  I will get another early night tonight and see how I feel tomorrow, but things are definitely looking up! 


I think I need a reasonable (whatever that is) amount of carbohydrate.  I would like some ordinary potatoes or some white rice.  I think because the higher carb vegetables that are available are all sweet and i would prefer to eat a plain, savoury carb with dinner. I wouldn't go so far as to say I am craving them, but I would certainly prefer them now.

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Day Eleven - 2nd October 2014


Breakfast: Steak; courgette; sweet potato.

Lunch: Chicken, salad leaves, olives, fermented carrot.

Dunner: Pork terrine thing; Roast duck, broccoli.


Out last night and so I can't be certain I was 100% compliant, but I made the best choices possible.  Am tired this morning - but I wasn't asleep until after midnight so that is to be expected.


Still feeling much better - clearer head and much less down. Not perfect yet, but pretty good.  

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Day Twelve - Friday 3rd October 2014


Breakfast: Stir-fried shredded chicken with courgettes, garlic and olives.

Lunch: Same as breakfast, banana, apple, kiwi

Dinner: Two cups of Brussels sprouts and palm sized piece of steak. Lots of fat on steak so didn't add extra.


I am eating too much fruit I think.  I was really tired today - this has been a big week work wise and I am wrecked.  I suspect that is what the fruit was about because I was hungry immediately I had eaten breakfast, and I don't believe I really was if you know what I mean.


I have a relative coming to stay for the weekend and I am trying to work out how to feed her totally AIP compliantly without telling her what I am doing!  :P

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Whoa you are doing great! Day 12, you're almost half way there. I really like how relaxed you were going into the challenge, whereas I was freaking out. I think i will try your approach, telling yourself to hold off just a bit longer. Its easy to meal plan and prepare for the physical challenge, but overcoming the mental game is so much more difficult than, i think, anyone anticipates.


good luck!

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Thank you April.  I think I am just so in the right place to do this at the moment. Also, maybe because I actually read the book about two years ago and I tried it then but was overwhelmed.  Whereas this time, I just thought 'ok, I will do it'  


But yes not worrying about tomorrow and just doing it  right 'now' is much easier.  I don't mean don't plan obviously, but don't worry.  lol - easier said than done!  


Day Thirteen: Saturday 4th October.


Breakfast: Brussels Sprouts (cup +) 1 Courgette, two very thick slices of bacon.  OH SO GOOD! Stir-fried in a little coconut oil.

Lunch: Leftover fish cake from during the week, a bit of leftover steak and some bits of fruit stolen from fruit salad for my guest this evening.

Dinner: Cottage Pie (Lamb, carrot/courgette/onion/celery, homemade chicken stock with celeriac mash on top)  Fruit salad with coconut milk for dessert.  Wine for guest and celebratory fizzy water for me!


I am in such a good mood today - the sun is shinning and I just feel so,  so , so much better than I did a few weeks ago.  Though I am definitely in the 'give me the damn Twinkie' phase.  Not that I have any idea what a Twinkie is, but hey, I want one. 

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So, disaster struck.  I am absolutely fine, but I ended up sitting on a hospital trolley being fed sandwiches (grains/ham with sugar no doubt) biscuits (sugar/grains) and sipping tea (dairy).  So what to do now?  I think the autoimmune thing is over for the time being.  I want to do it properly and that is not going to happen with going on holiday at the beginning of November.


So plan B is Whole 30 until 31st October then back on the AIP wagon on 11th November.  At least I know what I am doing now and planning will be easier. Whole 30 seems like MILLIONS of food choices after AIP so I feel like a child in a sweet factory!  Nuts! Seeds!  I can't bear the excitement!  


Things I can be getting on with in the meantime:-


1. Coffee addiction: I bought some decaff coffee and I had half-caff coffee this morning. I will drink that for the rest of the week and then add more de-caff so at least I am working on the coffee addiction.

2. Moving more:  I need to get out and go for a walk in the evenings after work.  I am going to try and walk AT LEAST to the bottom of the hill and back. Every. day. this. week.


Tuesday 7th October 2014


Breakfast: mackerel in tomato sauce, avocado. Banana, apple.

Lunch: Shepherd's pie with many, many vegetables and celeriac mash, green leaves with homemade salad dressing, naartjie.

Dinner: Liver, onions, bacon, Brussels sprouts.

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