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Looking at your grocery list, I have some suggestions: Did you check the ingredients on the bottled lemon and lime juice? They will often contain sulfites, which are a no no on the Whole30. Also, did you check the oils the olives were packed in? I have avoided the Whole Foods olive bar because the oils are not compliant.

Looks like you are a bit off base with your breakfast. Have you looked at the meal template? http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf Your meal 1 (breakfast) should be no different then meal 2 and meal 3 as far as each meal should have a protein, veg/carb and fat. Your fruit/nut concoctions do not cut it.

Also, the guidelines recommend to avoid snacks. So if you are truly hungry have a mini meal of protein/veg/fat and avoid just having nuts or fruit. The goal would be to increase the size of your main meals so that you do not need to eat in between them.

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