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Starting September 30th... Now what?!


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Hi! My name is Andee and I'm starting my family on the Whole30 today! I'm nervous, excited, and stressed all at the same time. My biggest worry is getting my kids to eat on the Whole30. At our school we have to supply lunches and because of life-threatening allergies with other kids we are not allowed to send coconut, sunflower seeds, or any nuts. Any recommendations?


I am still reading the "It Starts With Food" book and I need to figure out menus so I know what to buy. We are already gluten and dairy free because of my son's allergies and ADHD. So I guess I start with a food diary as well? 


Lost in Whole30 Newbie Land


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You might want to check out the Whole30 Rules, the Meal Template, the Shopping List, and the Can I Have list for a quick summary of everything you need to know to get started.


For lunches, Nom Nom Paleo has a lot of ideas for packed lunches. Obviously, you'll have to personalize them, but hopefully you can get some ideas. For nut-free fat sources, maybe olives or avocado? Or if you can pack chilled lunches that will stay cool, make mayo-based dips for their veggies.


You can keep a food diary here online, there's a whole section of the forum for that. Or you can keep a written one, or you can post everything on Instagram, there's a lot of people who post there using #Whole30. But it is helpful to have a record of what you're eating, so if you notice you're not feeling so great, you can look back and see why that might be.


You might also check out the Whole30 for Kids section of the forum for more about other people getting their kids to eat this way.

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