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Scared! but doing it


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I've been researching this program for some time and have recently decided to just do it. I'm typically a confident person, however, for this process, I'm scared.


I am scared of the detox. 'Sugar addict' is a mild description for my relationship with food. As for anyone, restructuring my thoughts and adopting a new mindset towards food is going to very hard.


My goals for this program are to reset my food habits, get myself on a path of losing weight, and to restructure my relationship with food.


Keeping my goals in mind, I am excited to move forward. I think that I understand myself well enough as a person that I know I'm going to be a mental case throughout this process. As you can tell, I'm already over thinking it. I'm glad there is a community here and so far all of your resources have been wonderful. Despite my fears, I am ready for this.


You'll probably see me a lot around the forum (because I love forums) and I will be needing reinforcement troops to help battle the sugar dragons (AKA Baked Goods, Milk Duds, Bread & Cheese, and Dark and Stormy). So let me say thank you in advance.

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Hi April, I know how you feel!  I am a major sugar addict too and was scared to start my Whole30.  But I had reached that point where I was ready to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did.  I'm on day 28 and don't have any sugar cravings AT ALL.  The other day at Whole Foods I was looking at chocolate bars (chocolate and ice cream are my biggest weaknesses) to see which ones would be acceptable (ie, no soy lecithin) after my 30 days are up, and I didn't feel the want or need to buy one at all.  CRAZY!  I used to buy more than I thought I would want, and then eat it all that day anyway.  So yeah, this has definitely helped my eating habits in a huge way already. 


I know there is still work to do, since my mysterious health issues, which drove me to the Whole30 in the first place, are not resolved.  But the fact that my tastes and cravings have changed is huge and will help me keep going after day 30.  Good luck to you!  This forum has been very helpful to me, as well as the daily emails.  I highly recommend them, they are worth the price and then some.

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