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Whole new life thanks to Whole 30!

Becki Sue Strader

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Today is my 30th day and the changes have been incredible! I've dealt with knee pain the last three years and was told that the cartilage was almost gone behind my knee cap. I also was a big Splenda consumer and was hooked on Diet Coke, always tired.

Now I am rarely tired and sleeping good. I have NO knee pain, no allergy symptoms and I feel better than I did at 20 years old. I weighed myself today - 14.5 lbs lost! That's halfway back to my ideal weight! I went from barely being able to squeeze into my size 10 jeans to comfortably being able to wear size 6's.

I didn't really tell anyone what I was doing besides my husband and kids but friends are starting to comment on how I look a lot thinner.

My family and I are all going to learn to ski this winter. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to because my knees. No worries now!

I am proof that if you follow this 100% you can get the results you need. Also it can be done even with having to eat out once in a while and with being invited to people's houses for dinner. Build a game plan and stick with it.

My one tip if you go out to eat look up the menu before hand, if you have a say in where you go look up organic resturants.

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Good for you! And to think, you had such great success just by eating healthy, whole food! It's amazing isn't it? Everyone who sees me now says "what did you do?"...when I tell them about it, they ask "how could you eat like that?" I respond with "how could I not? I ate great, food every day-delicious, fresh food, and lots of it!"

It's amazing that people think this is hard-like they say in the book "THIS IS NOT HARD!" :)

So enjoy every little result-you have earned all of them! Have fun learning to ski! It's a blast!

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That is fantastic news and really inspirational for me, as I plan to commit to a full-on Whole30 in mid-September, when I have a stretch of 30 days with no travel, no plans or events, etc. Yes, I know this CAN be done working around those things, but I would prefer to set myself up for success and make this as easy as possible. Until then, I'm doing a sort of "dress rehearsal" practicing healthy cooking, eliminating a lot of bad ingredients, reading labels, etc.

What I wanted to say about your success story - what a GREAT example you are setting for your daughter ! Kids need to see that ... good for you, you're helping her for life.

Congratulations on your FIRST Whole30 and best of health in the future !


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