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Sisters Staying on Track Together


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My sister and I just wrapped up another W30 last week on 9/23. That was our fourth, and we did not do the re-intro this time since we've done it the other 3 times and have a pretty good handle on those issues.


We're moving here just in case we go off-road, so we don't lead anyone astray reading our food logs. I'm planning on eating essentially W30 still, with a possible cocktail or salami, etc. I've stayed grain and legume free but had some dairy the past few days (and now I remember why not to have it) and a few drinks (an Old-fashioned, white wine, hard cider; all on different days). I've had a smidge of a headache on and off since trying dairy/alcohol and more sniffly. And a very unhappy stomach overnight and this morning.


My plan is to to a mini W13 through 10/11. On 10/12 we have an annual cider mill trip that involves some non-W30 stuff. Then I'll start back on another Day 1 on 10/13, for a mini-W18 through 10/30. We host an annual Halloween Bash and that will involve cocktails and some paleo desserts.


So, good morning Day 1. Not feeling so good this morning. Went to a family picnic yesterday and stayed paleo, but not W30. Quite looking forward to getting back to W30 eating. I just feel better.


Breakfast: 1/2 a large sweet potato with coconut milk, cinnamon, and blueberries. Black coffee.


Lunch: Scrambled eggs, 1/2 a sweet potato w/ coconut milk and cinnamon and a few walnuts


Dinner: Ground Beef and Pork with onions, tomatos, sweet peppers


Feeling quite a bit better by the end of the day but not quite great

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You too on the unhappy belly?


Pretty much ditto on the above, regarding doing mini whole_ with the cider mill trip in between. I'm also a member of a food Meet-Up group and signed up for a few Fall activities. I will do my best to remain compliant. Since I know besides alcohol I may have a meal here or there that doesn't I am already planning to start another w14 Nov 2nd. I won't sign up for any meet-up events if it doesn't look like I can stay compliant.


Sleep has continued to improve. For the most part I've decided grain products aren't worth it. I really haven't missed it. For the holidays and my overall baking "needs" I'm going to work on using non-wheat flours. This last w30 helped me break the habit of dessert/evening snacks. I plan on keeping up with that.


Saturday night (not on a w30) I Planned on having some popcorn with reese's-pieces and cider. But I ended up just heating a small mug of cider and foregoing the popcorn. I wasn't hungry. Before I would have eaten it anyways. So small victory there.


Woke up this morning thinking I was going to throw up. Not a pleasant way to come to consciousness. But at the family picnic I chose to eat a few grain items, some potato salad (made by someone else so I know it was regular mayo, among other stuff). So food this morning was difficult. I had a little sweet potato mashed up with coconut cream and some plain pork sausage. Still grazing on that, would rather not have to make a run for the restroom.


Planning on making mayo tonight.


Edited to add: just read today's blog (funny!) and finally read the whole "slow-roll" reintro. So maybe I'll look at this period, through the 11th as a slow-roll/slightly relaxed w12.... Maybe not. Going to have to ponder. My main reasoning is that I just bought some meats & mustard that have some sugar...

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Lunch chili w/big dollop of wholly guacomle. A "shot" of cockpit milk to try & help settle the belly. Sipped on la Croix thru the afternoon.

After work sipped on some cinnamon tea. Finally my belly seemed to settle down.

Dinner was ground beef with red cabbage & stone ground mustard cooked in coconut oil.

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I enjoy how good and easy it felt to eat W30 yesterday. I think this is the first time I've mainly stayed W30 after completing my 30 days. I call that progress as I'm looking to make my W30 eating just my eating day in and day out. A great habit. But habits take time to build, so keeping on.

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs in ghee with 2 slices bacon at the table with a good book, black coffee on the road for work.

It's cool and grey here today. Looking forward to getting home and making either a pork loin with roast veggies OR a tasty beef stew.

Mid morning snack of an apple between hearings

Late lunch: meat sauce with peppers over spaghetti squash

Dinner: garlic pork loin roast with red potatoes and carrots, broccoli, roasted apple with walnuts

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Good morning. Oh, I also had a hard cider last night.

Working from home today so had time to cook breakfast. Made blueberry breakfast sausage with walnuts, coffee


Managed to fit in a trip to the salon for a haircut, so I didn't quite finish my coffee. Which was sad, but I'd had too much to pick up another coffee while I was out (coffee shop coffee is loaded with caffeine, I get all buzzy).


Lunch: leftover roast pork loin with small potato and a few carrots


Spent the afternoon making beef stew, which includes red wine. So I had a glass of that with a few pieces of dark chocolate (no dairy).


Dinner: Beef stew. I still had some grassfed beef in the freezer from last fall :) . Loads of onion browned, add garlic. Then used almond flour instead of flour. Add thyme and bay leaves. Add red wine and chicken broth. All into the oven to simmer for an hour before adding carrots and red potatos. Another hour or so of simmering. Add peas. Enjoy. But not if you're on a W30 (no wine or peas). :D I also added leftover roast broccoli to my stew and it was tasty.


Note: either wine or chocolate gave me a stomach ache and gurgly feeling at bed time. I'll have to figure out which one it was.

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Yesterday was a Crazy day, I honestly don't remember what I ate for breakfast other than egg.... and coffee of course.


Lunch was cabbage and ground beef.


Went out for meet-up last night. Had a flight of ciders/beers/ales (6, juice glass size) and didn't drink all. Bunless barbecue burger with bacon, and sweet potato fries. Funny thing: gal sitting next to me asked if I was doing Atkins since I omitted the bun. I just said no- why waste the stomach room on a bun that probably isn't so great, and I need the room for (the gluten that's in) the beer :)  She didn't get it. Had a very nice time last night. And so far no issues from the beers.


Breakfast today...sausage and fried eggs.

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Good morning. So I've had red wine and hard cider. I enjoyed both but I'm not sure either is doing my digestive tract any favors. Make a note.


Breakfast: leftover pork sausage with blueberries and walnuts, small apple, black coffee.


Having my ladies over tonight. I'm making shrimp stuffed mushrooms from Nom Nom Paleo, bacon wrapped pineapple bites, and Chocolate Pot De Creme from Nom Nom Paleo. One of my girlfriends is bringing a chopped salad. There will be cocktails involved. Maybe I'll pass?

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Yesterday's lunch...chili with wholly guacamole. Snuggled with my cat and almost forgot I had to come back to work! Brought back some beef and cabbage just in case I got hungry but I didn't.

Errands and dinner with sis last night- beef stew and red wine. Sleep wasn't bad but wasn't great.


Today:Weird weather so far and feeling a little brain fuzzy.

COFFEE, left the beef and cabbage at work last night so eating that with some roasted acorn squash for breakfast.


Yesterday and today noticed quite a few tiny white heads on my chest/shoulders. After tonight going back to w30 rules.

Girls night tonight. Looking forward to it.

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So today so far has been pretty craptastic. Awoken in the middle of the night by my smoke detectors. Good news wasn't smoke/fire, bad news it was because I had been without power for at least an hour. 2 are hardwired. power came back on, then back off after i fell back asleep. So...Scramlbed around to get into shower quick before hot water gone (i could here neighbors cursing and scrambling too) call power company to see what was going on, do what i could to prepare... Hey, positive: I have a gas stove so I was able to scramble up some eggs in ghee. And the smoke alarms finally stopped singing. I went to the local coffee shop, and since I canNot tolerate their coffee black I purchased a sweetened drink. Umbrella went inside out while walking, traffic lights are down too so I got to play a real life version of
Frogger! woohoo! Since I'm typing you can tell I didn't lose. Yet. :unsure:


But even with all of this (and I just zipped home on lunch, still no power, still no ETA on restoration)...I'm not grumpy. Or even terribly tired with the interrupted sleep. I still had some chili leftover and some acorn squash so I brought that back to reheat at work. I also brought my recently thawed pork loin to work because fortunately we have full size refrigerators. And thanks to the gas stove I was able to heat up some water to wash the dishes I was silly enough to not take care of yesterday.


So... it's all good for the time being.

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Good morning. Today is 10/6/14 and it's Day One of a Whole 13 for me.


I'm happy to say I didn't go too crazy in the last few days, almost all meals were W30. However, I've had a few drinks in the last week and not felt as good as I was feeling. Additionally, some chocolate a few days in a row. And last night I chose to have some mashed potatos with dairy, traditional gravy and a few bites of macaroni and cheese. Oh, and that chicken tender that was breaded. We went to a friend's house for a potluck last night and apparently I thought that was a good idea. I'm sticking to the mashed potato decision. But the mac n'cheese and chicken tenders, not so much. Woke up tired and a little gassy feeling today.


I need groceries! And a cook up at home tonight. Have a very busy week, I think tonight is the only night I'm home. So I'll be cooking away after I get groceries.


Breakfast: leftover steak with some Tessemae's BBQ (which really makes me think of A1 sauce), 1/2 a small apple, coffee.


Lunch: leftover pork roast, some cherries


Snack: ate the 2nd half of that apple with a tablespoon of almond butter


Groceries after work and running errands. Found some compliant lunch meat at Target, so I snacked on that in between errands


Home around 7:30, tossed together a chicken salad and had a peach with cinnamon


Cooked up breakfast meatballs and a burger veggie mix for tomato sauce


Soooo tired, could have gone to bed at 9:30 but got there by 10

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Good morning. Today is 10/6/14 and it's Day One of a Whole 13 for me.


Ditto :D


I started to type out my whole weekend and it just started sounding whiney. :rolleyes:. So delete and restart.


So, Friday power came back on eventually.


Dinner out Friday, not the greatest choices but not the worst, not really a 'worth it' meal but I suffered no ill effects and it served it's purpose at the time.


Had a fun time with my niece and her friend at the Plaidurday photo op (a day simply for the love of all things plaid)


Saturday had a lovely evening/night out with girlfriends. That dinner was Totally worth it. I had a few drinks over the evening and woke up feeling a bit more sluggish and a low level headache. Also my hip issue reared up.


Yesterday was spent deep cleaning. Felt like I was going-going all day once I was up and about but yet at the end of the day didn't seem like I'd gotten enough accomplished.


Today/tonight I need to meal plan and hit the store probably tomorrow, maybe Wednesday. I also want to get my Halloween decorating finished.


Breakfast today- eggs and my last wholly guacamole.

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Yesterday: lunch- chicken smothered in hotsauce mayo, green beans. Dinner, paleomg's buffalo chicken. I love it when something is so good you have a moment of panic that you shouldn't be eating it :)


woke up today thinking yay, Wednesday! half way through..... nope nope it's Tuesday. But another day, it's sunny, and I'm mobile.


I *gasp* skipped breakfast today, didn't have anything prepped and no time.

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Good mid-morning Day 2 of W13


Dentist first thing, shiny pearly whites :D


Quickly microwaved 3 eggs and added some pork leftovers. Bolted that down and on the road for work today. It's noon and I am just about to finish my coffee!


Lunch: ground beef with onions and garlic (it was a grab and go kind of morning)


This evening I'm riding along with my husband to a meeting he has. I'm thinking I'll have time to have a salad and some spaghetti squash with the ground beef for dinner before we get on the road. If I run late, it may be breakfast meatballs and an apple for dinner :)

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Morning. Day 2 dinner was: an apple with almond butter, 2 meatballs.


I'm an adult and just finished my W30 in September. Last night I chose to have icecream on the ride home with my guy. There. Disclosed.


I woke with a slight stuffy nose and headache, no stomach issues so far. I feel okay about the icecream decision. I will pat myself on the back and say I had an iced water as well (rather than the devil-soda).


10/8 Wednesday: breakfast was 3 meatballs with black coffee

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Tues through today I've just felt a low-grade ugh. Didn't think I'd gone hog wild after completing but I think had just enough and it had a slow build up.


Starting today going to try to cut down my coffee to one (normal size not ginormous ;) ) cup. The past 5 days or so I get this crazy second wind at around 10. I could be snuggling on the couch doing nothing and suddenly zoom. So overall I haven't been sleeping well.


Need to get to the store and buy some decaf for the keurig for my weekends. With the cold weather easing in I tend to sip on my coffee more leisurely Sat/Sun.

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Mhmm. Things to think about. Went to a community honors dinner last night and ate food that I don't feel great about. I took a small piece of lasagna and salad. I did it because it was a group of acquaintances with many overweight individuals and I felt like it would be rude not to eat it. So. I need to work on that. I'm totally fine turning that food down with my friends, family, and co-workers.


Looking forward to being home tonight to do some cooking, I'm missing it this week and last weekend. And having ready to eat healthy meals in the fridge just makes life easier. We have no plans til Sunday and I'm excited about that too. We're going to get some much needed project-work done at home, I'm making a list this morning.


On the cook-up list: beef stew and PaleOMG's pizza bake (butternut squash, eggs, meat of your choice, spaghetti sauce, peppers, onions).

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It's been a few days. Friday night we ran into friends and had an impromptu dinner out. I indulged in decidedly not W30 foods, not even paleo. But I felt okay with it because I thought about what I wanted to do and it fit the moment.


Even happier because I ate all W30 on Saturday and Sunday to keep myself from going all crazy into SAD foods. Oh, wait, I had a glass of wine last night while watching the Walking Dead. Still, a big improvement. In the past, I would eat off paleo after a W30 and often just sort of fall face first into SAD eating again.


Haven't lost any more weight but feeling good about maintaining the last few weeks on the W9 eating style in general. And I'm focusing on making good choices day after day and that's the real success for me.


breakfast today was a bowl of beef stew and coffee.


Having "pizza bake" today for lunch, from PaleOMG. I used a roasted butternut squash, ground beef, red pepper, onion, eggs, and tomato sauce. Smelled amazing last night while it was cooking.


OOH, another good thing: I'm staying clear of any soda pop. I think that's a real "gateway" item for me and bad food choices.

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Big changes: I made some hot cocoa the other day (with almond milk not milk) and drank about 1/2 and stopped, let my husband finish the rest. I enjoyed it and it tasted great but at the half way point I realized I would be drinking the rest just to finish it. Which is AWESOME to be aware of. So, yay me!


And last night we went to a movie and I chose to have some candy. I did not plow thru the whole bag. Got through less than half and again realized "I'm good". So I stopped and put the rest away. And after the movie (even though my husband and I both had really rough days), we went home to eat a healthy dinner instead of what we used to do (go out to eat and make poor food choices due to stress). All day yesterday I was aware of a stress-craving, but I realized what was happening. And just said no. When we go to the movies, I thought for a few minutes how I was feeling and decided to have the candy but was still able to stop when I'd had a few. So awesome.


Now I'm going a few days without any SAD-forays or offroading. To clean out the system.

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So some improvements: I did buy a bag of candy corn, brachs no knock offs. I haven't plowed through it, a small handful is enough, it's almost Too sweet. It's funny that on the front of the bag "made with Real honey"... in the ingredients honey is last (corn syrup is first). Unless I want to take on the task of making my own it is what it is. I don't expect candy corn to be 'good for you'.

Also on the sugar front, split a so-worth-it bread pudding Monday night. I don't believe I could have eaten the serving by myself, would have been too rich and sweet. And it wasn't a crazy giant chain-restaurant dessert portion.


Still off the pop. Yay!


Since last Friday I've probably eaten 1 non compliant meal a day...not to make excuses but it is that time.


For fun, activity and outside time- Saturday was our annual Zombie walk. It wasn't physically strenuous, but they did make it a little longer this year, and it was warm. My awesome sister came along as a survivor, which rocks because zombies are Sooo not her thing.


Sleep has been pretty good, cut back on squash/carbs at dinner and that helped with the second-wind issue. But I know sleep is going to be off for a while because I got a new kitten last night! We were up roughly every 2 hours, between her needing to eat/play and my other cat singing his song of displeasure... :) but I take it as one more victory that 1) I'm don't feel like a zombie this morning 2) I was able to fall back asleep after each interruption quickly 3) I grabbed my hb eggs and apple for breakfast.


That being said, after eating the above I was still hungry (hungry enough to eat steamed fish plain) , so I ate some egg casserole a coworker brought in for boss's day. It def has dairy in it, but I'm ok with that.

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Spent last night cooking, organizing and planning :)


Made a delicious roast chicken. Normally I wouldn't say I followed a recipe for roast chicken but Viking Chicken, that name caught my eye :) http://www.thekitchn.com/viking-chicken-182165 only thing I had to sub was ghee for the butter, IMO ghee creates a crispier skin.  I used Brussels sprouts, carrots, apples & onion. Was originally going to toss in some sweet potato but didn't think it would fit. Lesson learned: I need a roaster pan...chicken didn't fit in the casserole dish I was going to use and with all of the veggies barely fit in my Dutch oven (a petite one yes but still)


While that was cooking I had an omelet for dinner. Prepped veggies to make another Italian brunch bake casserole, http://fastpaleo.com/recipe/zesty-italian-brunch-bake/


Spent time playing with each cat.


I'll pop the breakfast bake in tonight. And tomorrow I might make ratatouille.


I have almost all of the fixings for a delicious beef stew, might save that to make on the weekend.

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I want ratatouille!!


And some Viking Chicken!


Haven't posted in the last week. In the last week, I've had I think 5 non-paleo days. They weren't every meal deals, except this Sunday. Well, pretty much Saturday night through Monday , not making healthy choices. No stress, just decided to "what the heck" with some fall traditional plans thrown in (trip to cider and donut heaven with great friends).


And paying for it. Digestive is way off (gas, gurgles, and other unpleasantness). Sleep is not so good (waking a lot at night). Still of the pop:)


So ready to stop those shenanigans. So today, breakfast is a small sweet potato with sausage and coconut milk, black coffee. Lunch to be determined, will be back home for that.


Need to do some cooking tonight and a meal plan to get on track for the week. Looking forward to roasting some brussel sprouts, I love them.


Lunch: The 2nd half of my breakfast that I didn't finish, 3 scrambled eggs


Dinner: Roast chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, carrots, onion, apples with walnuts

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Good morning. I think. I really wanted to stay home in bed today (can't tell if it's terrible allergies or a cold coming on). But we're having a lunch for my boss (last week was boss's day) so off to work I went.


Problem: I am not prepared. I did not have something to pack for lunch. I'm hoping there is salad at this lunch. Otherwise it's pizza and I'm not sure if I'm hungry and without a lunch, that I'll decline. I'm working on a plan, it may involve an Unwich delivery or my husband bringing me food.


Dinner out tonight, but that is no problem. We're meeting a group of couple's from a community club my husband is in, at a restaurant. I'm thinking nice big salad (sans dressing/croutons/cheese) or a steak and veggies.


I'm making a meal plan today at work, so I stay on track.

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