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Simply my whole 30 log


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This is my first time going through the whole 30.


I have heard about this and known about this for years.  My hubby and I have been "CrossFitters" on and off for the past 10 years.  Right now we are not.  We work out as we can in our garage.... but deffinately not CF.


I am going to have to "ease" into this.   And not every meal will be 100% Whole 30 compliant.   We have a tight budget.  Even with both of us working full time (hubby is in school full time as well).  Some times all we can afford is rice/beans/ramen/cheap pasta.   But I will do the best I can each and every day.


I know nutritionally what I need to do.  I have known for years how my family should be eating to stay healthy.  But I deal with a lot of guilt when I go grocery shopping and can only afford the not so healthy stuff to feed my family.    I do the best I can.  But we still eat a lot of pasta, and sandwiches, and rice.   This will be a learning experience as well as an experiment.  Can I really feed my family healthier on our po' boy budget?


I have already made some adjustments that will make this 30 day lifestyle a bit easier.  I myself have stopped drinking milk.  Except for maybe a glass of almond milk in the am.  I do have whey protien on the days I am busy at work. But trying to phase that out as well.   I have cut back on my bread.  I am eating more salads.  I am trying to cook more lean protiens. 


The one thing I don't know if I can do wo is my stevia.   My 1 pack in the morning in my coffee.   My coffee is what keeps me sane during the mornings when my darling daughters are bright and happy while I am still groggily waking up.    My coffee that I froo froo up with a few drops of vanilla, a splash of almond milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and 1 packet of stevia.   Do I really have to give that 1 packet a day up???  


The really big challenge is my job.  Where I work.   I work at a pizza carryout/delivery restaraunt.   I am a hourly manager there.  I work 40+ hrs a week.   My shifts long.  The job is high paced and stressful.  There are days I get no break at all, because I am the mgr on duty and things have to be done.    I do take healthier things to work, like leftovers from the night before.   But rarely have time to warm them up to eat.  I have no time to sit down to eat.    We usually have one or two pizzas that were mess ups or customer cancels.   When we do those become crew pizzas.    It is really really hard to not eat a slice when you are starving and can't stop to eat better. 


I have to work where I work.  At this time there are no other options.  It is within walking distance of our house so I can be close to our kids if there is an emergency.  It is the only job I can find that will be flexible around my hubby's school/work schedule.  Is it healthy? probably not.  but it does help pay some bills and keep the roof over my kids head.  


So this is my first time through.  And I will be taking it day by day.


ETA:   Things I want to see improved.   I am definately over weight.   I can't sleep well.   And I don't handle stress well right now.    But my biggest problem is seasonal allergies..    I have heard many testimonies of people improving in the allergies dept and this is what I would love more than anything.


I do want to lose weight.  But most importantly I want to feel good about myself too.

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2nd unnofficial day.   I have not really planned or prepared for it.   Life is to chayotic for any planning.     But this am I almost caved on day 2 and had a bowl of cereal.  Hubby and I had a fight.  Not just an argument. but a marital spat.   I didn't want to deal with anything and just have a bowl of cereal.  But I didn't.


And for lunch instead of normal tuna or PB&J sandwiches I made scrambled eggs with diced peppers and onion.  Topped with Salsa and side of black olives.   That was yummy.


I only had 2 cups of coffee today.  Compared to my normal pot.  I am getting a headache, and I wonder if it is from the caffiene withdrawl?


Yesterday was not very hard. But it was.    By 4pm I was dragging.  Like I could barely move dragging myself across the floor dragging.   I didn't crave sugar.  it was COFFEE I wanted.    But it was 4pm.   I also wanted sleep.   So my goal to sleep through the night won over the craving for coffee.


Later I am heading off to work.   Feeling like a failure because of how crappy of a wife I am.  I feel like a lousy mom too.   But I have to pick myself up and move on and hope to God I get better at life and loving my family.


For dinner I plan on having a chicken and veggie salad.  But will me willpower hold out over pizza?  Who knows.

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