Tired after meals

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Hi Everyone,


I'm on Day 29 and doing pretty well.  I waited until about the third week to start journaling.  One pattern I noticed is my energy is dropping significantly after meals.  I feel full and satisfied but I also want to curl up and nap.  A lot of it could be from my desk job.  I notice my second meal puts me in the biggest coma.  Even on days where I eat it away from my desk I still have the same response.  I  usually try to combat it by getting up and moving around.  It generally takes at least an hour or two to return to 'normal'.  


I drink plenty of lemon water throughout the day (~80oz) and I exercise at least 5x/wk (1hr workouts-kickbox, spinning, yoga, strength training).  I do have one (10oz) cup of coffee in the morning; usually black with a scoop of coconut oil but sometimes with coconut milk.  I have tea in the afternoon or at night but it's almost always naturally decaffeinated.  I watch my fruit intake and even on days I've had no fruit I notice dips in my energy after eating.  


I'm not sure if it's me or what I'm eating - but I don't recall these bouts of tiredness the first few weeks.  Just thought I'd share my meal plan and see if anyone notices any red flags.  I'm not sure if this could be a symptom of something bigger.  I am going to extend my challenge to 60 days because I know I need more time to adjust my mind and body.  I'm also just beginning to work out some digestion issues (bloating; constipation) which is what really prompted me to keep a journal.  



The reason for the winter squash is to help with the constipation issues.  In earlier weeks I was using sweet potatoes.  Without those and my magnesium supp (Natural Calm) at night I can't seem to go.


(*Meal 1 and 2 were repeated thru the week)

Meal 1 - roasted eggplant, mushroom, delicata squash with chicken sausage, black coffee

Meal 2 - large leafy salad with chicken, roasted green beans/potatoes, kalamata olives, and homemade lemon vinaigrette

Meal 3 - grilled steak with cauliflower mushroom 'risotto' and asparagus followed by fresh berries and coconut cream


Meal 3 – five offal meatballs; Rao's marinara; and spaghetti squash followed by 4oz container of Trader Joe’s berry apple sauce


Meal 3 - Two boneless chicken thighs with 1 cup onion/roasted peppers and tomato mix.  Added Trader Joe's Authentica salsa and half an avocado on top.


Meal 1 - three HB eggs; big green leaf salad; one slice bacon and 1/4c homemade mayo

Meal 2 - Two chicken thighs with 1 cup onion/roasted peppers and tomato mix; 1/3c leftover spaghetti squash; and TJ salsa and half an avocado on top

Meal 3 - Fresh fig and pork loin ragout (pork tenderloin; onions; homemade chicken broth; herbs) and sauteed rainbow chard with onions and chicken broth


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I'm not seeing anything that raises a red flag for me in your food logs. Looks really good. What I don't see is post workout meals, are you having them? I'm not sure it explains your sleepiness but it is the only adjustment in food I can think of.


What has your sleep and stress level been like lately? I do know that when the weather changes I sometimes struggle with sleepy feelings. Are you in a part of the world that is going through a significant decrease in sun exposure right now?


Where are you at in your cycle? I tend to feel much more sleepy the week before that time of the month and I need significantly more carbs during that week.


It certainly starts with food but your food looks great so looking at the other factors is necessary.

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