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Why should we avoid Canola Oil?


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Basically many seed oils (including canola/rapeseed) have been processed at very high heat essentially making them rancid before you even purchase them.  Putting them in a clear container is not helping their purpose either.....


Also the omega 6 to 3 ratios are off.  Seed oils are generallly fairly high in the omega 6 fatty chain acids.  Which our bodies - on average - need less of, and are less healthy for you without the omega3's to help balance them.  Same things goes for nuts.


Canola oil is not banned completely - otherwise we would never be able to go out an dine at restaurants.  But there are many superior choices out there. 


I have issues with my MIL on canola oil.  She insists it's healthy and cannot understand why I will not consume anything with corn oil or canola oil.  The problem is both oils pretty much give me stabbing pains in my gut for a few hours - very uncomfortable to say the least.

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Back when people cooked in beef and pork fat, there were fewer heart attacks and less obesity. Now that most people eat foods prepared with seed oils, there are more heart attacks and more obesity. There is no proof that seed oils cause heart attacks or obesity, but the correlation is prominent.


As Carlaccini noted, the problem involves how canola oil gets from a plant to a bottle... harsh chemicals, solvents, de-gummers, heat AND the fatty acid profile of canola oil. Sadly, the commercial interests that make money from seed oils hire the best marketers to tell a positive story about canola oil so that lots of people perceive it to be health food. 

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