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Starting Oct. 1 -- who's with me???


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Hi there,


I'm Laura. I've made a few attempts at Whole 30 but never made it all the way.


My various health problems have prompted me to try again.


I'm a 45-year-old woman from Oakland, CA who has Celiac Disease, fibromyalgia, low iron and potential thyroid issues, and a lot of weakness and fatigue. Hoping this diet will greatly reduce the inflammation and jack up energy. 


I have a feroicious appetite for dark chocolate -- which I know people think is good for you but it has worsened my inflammation and added a lot of weight.


Definitely want to kill the Sugar Dragon! :)



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Im starting tomorrow! Meal plans, shopping, most of my day today. Its my first time, and Im scared, excited, anxious, determined. feeling all over the place about it, but im determinded because my body needs a change. I need to feel good again. GOOD LUCK and stick to it!

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Good luck to you guys as well. How is the day going so far?


I'm on the west coast so I haven't had lunch yet. For breakfast I had sausauges (they are organic and don't seem to have sugar) and an apple. I didn't eat any veggies, so I need to fix that.


For lunch I'm going to have a salad with homemade salad dressing (this is a first for me, to make my own) and a can of tuna.


For dinner -- well, I haven't planned it yet, but I have a lot to eat at home. I know I need to get much better at meal planning. I'm totally not a planner.

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I started today, too! Kind of an accident starting on the first day of the month, but coolio. We got this!


I usually eat pretty darn clean. My biggest obstacles are going to be alcohol (what's a football game without a cold beer?) and sushi (that's our family date night every week - and yes, I know sashimi is an option, but what's sushi without sake? - refer to obstacle number one). I'm not an alcoholic by any stretch :P but alcohol is socially significant for me.  


Post-workout "treat" - 3 slices compliant turkey and 1/2 pear

Breakfast - 3 9-minute eggs, 1/4 sweet potato (about 1/4 cup), squash, dried porcini mushrooms and a giant handful of spinach, sauteed in coconut oil.

Lunch - leftovers from last night (Enchilada Casserole - I make it myself and I promise it's compliant. Mexican is not a comfort food for me, so I'm not worried about the psychological effects) topped with olives, big bowl of broccoli sauteed in coconut oil with lemon juice and 1/2 pear.


Redchickn, I want to hear what you come up with for dinner! I'm up in the air on dinner tonight, too.  :wub:

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