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You have to read your ingredient lists -- I've seen teas with soy lecithin, those are out because of the soy. And I've seen teas with stevia, those are out because it's a sweetener. There might be other ingredients to watch out for, but those are what I've seen in tea.


Be sure you've read the rules so you know what to look for, and if you come across ingredients you're not sure about, try the Can I Have list, or google Whole30 and whatever the ingredient is to see if it's been discussed before, and if you can't find anything anywhere else, you can always come back here and post a question.

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Is any type of tea ok or are there only certain ones that are ok for consumption?


Pure tea, that is just leaves, be they herbal or otherwise, is fine.

All your English, Irish, breakfasts, Early Grey etc, all good. 


Do watch out for stevia, which is a leaf, but is also a natural sweetener and is non compliant. Some herbal blends will include it. 

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