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First Whole30 Done! - CRAZY!!!


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Well... I can't believe it but I completed my FIRST Whole30 challenge yesterday!!!!!!


WOOHOO! I didn't believe i would make it past Day #3 and yet I stuck with it and made it the 30 days.


My Goals for the reset were as follows:


1. Finish the program.

2. Take control over my eating habits.

3. FIgure out what is causing my facial dermatitis and if it's the cause of food.

4.Concentrate and focus on during work instead of focusing on what's for lunch.


Lessons I have learned:


1. I can set and finish a goal!

2. Food is the fuel source to get me through the day, not to feed my emotions.

3. I realized I don't need to eat soooo much everyday but just when my body tells me that I need fuel.

4. I learned the difference between HUNGER and BOREDOM!

5. I CAN COOK! and like what I cook.

6. On my next Whole30 - meal plan like a boss so I don't get stuck on the same foods. ***


My results are as follows:



I'm 5 foot 3.5 inches and considered 'thick' (whatever THAT means); have terrible Sleep apnea; flareups of facial dermititis; lack of concentration around 3pm; can't fall asleep quickly and toss and turn all night.  


9/1/14 --- 174.0 Pounds



I haven't had any flareups of my dermititis, I no longer have the dreaded 3pm crash, I hit the pillow and fall asleep like a baby now and i have been able to concentrate during work.


10/1/14 ---- 163.0 pounds!!!!


That is a difference of 11 pounds in 1 month!


Pics are to follow since I left the camera at home. I will stick with living the Whole9 way and in January 2015 (after all the holidays and my birthday) I will do another Whole30 challenge and possibly extend to a 60 or even 90! I know I can do it and I couldn't have done this without the help of my family and friends.


I can't Thank Melissa and Dallas enough for spreading thier knowledge and information to everyone and providing a place for people to gather and support one another. Now to get my mother on board and have her start her first Whole30!


Thank you!

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Congratulations - so happy for you!  Now that we know how the right foods can help us, it seems strange that we were blindly going through life not knowing, don' you think?  It all makes so much sense!  Would be interested to hear how you get on with your mum - mine is refusing to listen at the moment but I know that the Whole30 would change her life.

Well done!

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photomiss & Tracyhov --- I went to see my dermatologist and she was super happy with my results. She is a big supporter of clean eating / living and hopes i can get off the topical steroids with my lifestyle change. I will update as the months go on with my day to day living. :)

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