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Need some inspiration - quick exercise routines

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Hi All - I work full time and then come home to two kids (18 months and almost 4) and haven't found a good routine for fitting in exercise. On the weekends I usually find some time to get moving but I need some inspiration for what I can do during the week. Tell me how you fit it in and make it work! Thanks.

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If you don't have a "block" of time like you do on the weekends I bet you could find 10 minutes 2X a day for some bodyweight exercises and plyometric type exercises.

try 30-60 sec for each exercise


-pull-ups (you can use the knob of a door with your feet at the bottom of the door if you don't have a bar or are not ready for full pull-ups)

-squats or jump squats

-pistol squats


-jumping jacks

-jumping rope

-kettle bell swings

-chair dips

Remember, it doesn't need to be done all at once! 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there...it all adds up!

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I sit in a cube all day at work. Some days I go for a 2+ mile walk at lunch. Or, I'll do a set of pushups and bodyweight squats every 1/2 hour all day long which forces me to move around and keep the blood flowing. I'm lucky to have an awning support on a balcony near my desk, so I can run outside for a quick set of pullups too.

Some basic bodyweight routines I like to do when limited on time are:

  • Max pushups in 5 minutes
  • Max pullups in 5 minutes
  • Max knee or leg lifts (from bar or floor), situps, crunches, or double crunches in 5 minutes
  • 50 pullups, 100 pushups as fast as possible (scale the movements/reps if required)
    • bodyweight rows using a desk or low bar instead of pullups, wall, desk, or knee pushups from the floor instead of pushups

    [*]Tabata intervals (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds total, 4 minutes total time)

    • burpees, pushups, pullups, squats, situps, or anything else you can think of

I also sometimes bring a light resistance band to work with me to do some shoulder mobility work and stretching.

There are lots of ways to get work in... be creative!

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I agree with everyone else who posted already! Short, high energy intervals during the day will all add up! Fit the longer duration stuff in when you can. I've been doing my strength work while watching TV at night-commercial intervals! And I don't have little ones underfoot anymore-I just find it easier to do this way-and I find I'm more likely to do it when I break it down this way.

Good luck!

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