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Completed my first Whole30 Sept. 1st


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Happy Oct 1st everyone. I feel great today, as I have for the past 8-10 days. I did not have too manyHere's the results of my journey:

* 7 lbs lost. I only wanted/needed 5 so my skinny jeans now have a little breathing room. This wasn't my primary goal. I didn't measure other than trying on two pair of jeans.

* Sleep absolutely NO better - this was my primary goal. I do fall asleep quicker which I guess is a mini victory, but awaken every night even earlier than before which wipes out consecutive hours - so back to my crappy normal.

* Despite sleep problems my energy level is up?!?!?

* Improved mood, love the calmness, serenity, happiness.

* Daily horrendous congestion and post nasal drip GONE!!!! Huge NSV.

* Blood pressure - lowest readings I've ever recorded. Even a 96/66!! Will be talking to Doc about lowering BP med dosage, maybe getting off meds.

* Menopause symptoms GONE!!!! And no more running hot and cold when I sleep - you know, covers on, covers off, etc, etc. hormones must be getting balanced. Another huge NSV (you would think this alone would improve my sleep - maybe that will come in October).

* Nails unfortunately worse. I have had paper thin, peeling nails all my life, as did my mom. No vitamin deficiencies, have tried all types of cures. My thumbs in particular are much worse than a month ago. I am back to taking my multi vitamin with its minuscule (I presume) amount of soy.

* Haven't noticed much with skin and hair, my hair kind of follows my nails (thin, baby fine, breaks easily - but I've dealt with that all my life as well, nothing to really complain about).

I am so glad I have participated. I plan on strict reintro especially to find what triggered the congestion, PND. After reintro, I plan on being Whole30 as much as possible for home meals, allowing a little breathing room at restaurants and parties. I plan on doing a Whole-something in January before my annual vacation in Mexico, starting Jan 30th next year.

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Thanks Tom, you read my mind - I made a batch of bone broth when I first started but didn't keep up with that. Enjoyed it in the place of one cup of coffee in the morning (gave up caffeine last month as well, don't miss it). Have been reading good things abouth broth and plan on trying it for a couple of months ...

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Congratulations! Great results!


On the sleep issues, what have you tried other than food? There are a lot of environmental things you can try. This is an area I struggle too and need to be more diligent myself. Are you shutting off all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime? Is your room dark and cool? When you wake in the night what do you do? One thing I've found (and this is hard) is that if I look at the time when I wake up it heightens my anxiety and I have trouble falling asleep again. I've also found that the more light I expose myself to when I wake in the night the harder it is to go back to sleep. Do you have a bedtime routine? A hot bath with lavendar and epson salts is a lovely way to prepare your body for sleep (I so miss the soaking tub we had in our previous home).

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