Soy lecithin in blueberry tea?


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I am on day 14 today and just discovered the blueberry tea I have been drinking (one cup per day) has soy lecithin listed as an ingredient in the "natural flavors". Argh! I thought I had already ok'd these for the whole 30. I am guessing that they either changed the contents, or I used a different brand on previous whole30's.


I think that instead of starting over I am going to continue with my whole30 eating for the foreseeable future, allowing myself to ease off for 3 days in the very near future I was going to struggle with staying compliant - let myself eat as I want on them days, then aim to start the 30 "consecutive" days as it happens along the way. That is, I am going to just eat this way and when I complete 30 consecutive days I will consider it completed. That may be 30 days from today - it might be a little later than that.


But seriously - what a nuisance!!!!

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Oh TanyaB, what a nuisance indeed. Your determination to see your Whole30 through is inspiring. 


I am nearing the end of my first Whole30 and yesterday (Day 25) I made a big screw-up.


I was shopping for ingredients to make cauliflower sushi. Usually I use shrimp as the protein source. As I was walking through the seafood department I saw packages of imitation crab. Now my husband, who has graciously done the whole30 with me, loves California rolls (and does not like shrimp) so I thought I would surprise him. 


After dinner I started to feel dizzy, a bit nauseous with bad headache. At first I thought I maybe I was coming down with a virus that typically circulates offices around this time. I had posted my picture to FB and a friend of mine who is wheat/gluten free told me the ingredients of imitation crab. I knew it was fish but I didn't realize how processed it was and how full of non-compliant foods it was. No wonder I felt sick. I was reacting to the fake crab. 


I could just kick myself as on Day 25 I know better then to buy foods that I haven't researched. I struggled with the idea of having to restart back at one. I looked at the email link and had an internal battle with myself on whether to choose "I did" Another Whole30 day in the bank" or I made some bad choices today... let's start my whole30 over"


Well... I pushed the button and today I restart my 30 days. If I can have such a bad reaction to a small helping non-compliant food, then completing the days at 100% is that important to my health. 


Just to bad our Thanksgiving (Canadian) is next weekend. But thankfully I am preparing the food so I guess everyone will be enjoying a whole30 compliant meal minus the dressing/stuffing, I suppose I can let them enjoy some traditional side dishes.

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