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Hello everyone My name is Malika, and I saw a friend starting today and I became interested in whole30 and did the research and I love the idea behind it and I am ready to do something different and make huge changes in my lifestyle. I have PCOS and I do not have children and it is a wish I have wanted for well over 10 years now and I want my husband and I to start our family :( . I will be 30 years old october the 27th and I want to be better and different and I hope this works because health, and becoming a mother is more than important it's life for me. I pray this is something that will work and help make changes to my life. I will be starting October the 29th because my husband is taking me to Miami for my 30th birthday for 4 days and it is best to start after that so that I know my commitment will be strong with no interruptions. I wish everyone the best of luck I know making changes are very hard, but there is nothing that can beat accomplishment. Good luck all!!!!!

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