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Juliet's Whole30--the first of many 10/1/14 start


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Day one is in the bag! 


I am so ready and committed to the changes that these thirty days will engender in me! I am a ballet dancer, and at 175 pounds, 39-32-42, I am the heaviest and the largest I have ever been. I am DONE with being fat, and I am DONE with being lazy and I am DONE with self sabotage and I am DONE with this cycle of weight gain and plateau, gain and plateau, gain and plateau.




I want to return to my last healthy weight at 134 lbs, and my last healthy measurements at 36-26-38. My goal is to lose forty pounds and six inches around my waist by May 1, 2015, and I am willing to do whatever it takes, even if it ends up being a Whole212 from now until then.


So... My pledges:


I will take all my medications every day

I will exercise 30 minutes a day in addition to my dance classes

I will get caught up or ahead in all my classes and schoolwork

I will drink 1000mL water and at least two cups of tea daily

I will post here daily and log all progress in my hardcopy journal

I will log all food eaten every day.


In that spirit, today I ate:


a bagged romaine salad

several hunks of stew beef

two cups of beef broth

a small serving of applesauce

a handful of raw slivered almonds

half a frozen banana

a few freeze dried strawberries.


Wish me luck!





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Good luck AP! Congrats on Day 1. 


Looking at your food today I'd say you need more protein, and more fat.


Have you checked out the meal template? It really helps to set yourself up for success. 


Many people do not eat enough as they begin a Whole30. I recommend you study the meal planning template and eat at least the minimum recommended amounts at meals. Get some dark greens in there instead of romaine, some more interesting veggies and include your fruit in meals if you can rather than as as snack. Spending some time in the weekend prepping for the week will be a HUGE help. 


Here's the template:


And here are two threads that list out a new ingredient every day with compliant recipes!!
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Something that surprises many people is that the secret to losing weight is not starving yourself by eating a limited amount of food. The secret is eating appropriate/generous portions of meat, fat, and veggies so that your body is well nourished and satisfied. Another important point is eating your first meal within an hour of waking in the morning. This one thing helps to get your hormonal rhythms where they need to be to improve your sleep at night. And sleeping well for 8 hours has a huge influence on your body's being willing to release fat stores. And one final surprise... you can exercise too much. I am concerned about your commitment to exercise 30 minutes per day in addition to dance classes. I know that dance classes can be extremely demanding. While it may seem as if exercising 30 more minutes may help you burn more fat, you might actually need 30 more minutes of rest instead. We see CrossFitters all the time who are over training. Over training makes your metabolism slow down and that means your body holds onto fat more tightly. There is a balance between exercising enough and exercising too much. Given that your classes may be physically demanding some days, please rethink adding extra exercise on top of those days.

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