Someone who doesn't do tomatoes please help...


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Okay, I'm putting this in ladies only because I don't feel comfortable discussing it elsewhere. I think I might be having a reaction to tomatoes on my second whole 30.


I've always been a tomato girl. Even as a kid, I'd eat them straight off the vine; sometimes I'd eat a full-sized tomato with just some salt during the summer as a snack. I put them on peanut butter sandwiches. I loved tomato soup. TOMATOES ARE THE BOMB.


...until this W30. By about day 3 I was noticing that every time I went number 2 (which was more often than pre-W30) after eating tomatoes the day before it pretty much was a "sit down and it just fell out of my body" with still a kind of shape. But there were distinct pieces of tomato skin (curled up) in the water. I'm on day 11 right now and it's still happening (I had half of a sliced tomato with breakfast on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and even somewhat today it happened).


So...someone who has tomato issues/nightshade issues - is that what this sounds like?


Thank you. Sorry for any TMI.

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Anytime you are seeing undigested food in your stool something is up. If it is only tomatoes you might want to take them out for a while and see what is going on. Are you always eating them raw and with the skin? You could try cooking and/or skinning them and see if you have the same reaction. I have on and off issues with tomatoes but for me it comes in the form of heartburn. Luckily I don't particularly love them in any form that isn't sauce. I hope you can figure this out or someone else can give you a more informed answer.

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Yes anytime food is undigested it generally means you have issues with digesting that food.  Personally I don't digest raw carrots.  They come out the same way they go in.


I do have some minor issues with the nightshade family - Consuming raw tomatoes and peppers will give me mouth sores and weird dry red spots on my hands. (Incidentally citrus fruit has the same effect - so I'm guessing that I have issues with the acids found in these fruits)  I am fine with sauces or nightshades in cooked form.  So like Bethany said you might want to play around with that and see what happens.


Ultimately it's up to you if you feel you need to eliminate them for a period of time.  My happen medium is not to consume them more than 2 times a week.  (My better half's family is Italian - so that's sometimes easier said than done)

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