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Hello! Day 1!


It's my first morning of Whole 30-ness.


Had a big ole sleep-in, holidays are lovely.


Breakfast was just a hard-boiled egg with some smoked trout and homemade mayo. I just got home from a few days away so ne greens in the house, sadly.


Meeting a friend for lunch today and I've already scoped out the menu options to find the right thing.


I'll grab some meat on the way home so I can cook something up for dinners for the week, oh and some greens!


Exercise will be a run in the evening, and possibly some yoga. 

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Day 1 going well.

Lunch was good, although they tried to sneak some cheese int my salad, which I dutifully picked out and out to the side. Sneaky cafe!

Had an early afternoon snack of more smoked trout, mayo, and hard-boiled egg.

Then off for a run, and dinner was a quick Indonesian beef curry with some shredded cabbage. I'll do a bit of yoga before bed.

Nothing else to report, really, although had forgotten how much I love black coffee :)

I've got work tomorrow morning, so breakfast will be another hard-boiled egg and coffee. Lunch will be the rest of the curry and cabbage, and I've got a beautiful steak waiting for dinner, accompanied by some fresh greens from the market.

Tomorrow is set to be a lovely day, so exercise will be a long bike ride :)

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I had a grilled shrimp salad and had to dodge corn kernels and itty bitty croutons last night. The demons! Good luck to you! I'm on Day 4. Was tempted to wander late yesterday but girded my loins and stuck with a better choice. Pay off was Pride.

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Thanks! And same to you both!

Yeah, not ideal, especially when work went on longer than expected and I didn't get lunch until after 2pm. I was worn out by the time I got home and needed a nap, whoops! No bike ride for me.

There is some more stuff in the house today so can put together something a bit more substantial for breakfast tomorrow.

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This morning I had two eggs for breakfast, still not enough and again I had a big crash out when I got home from work!


Tomorrow I'll try three...


Other than being very tired, things are going well! Luckily I'm on holidays at the moment and needed the rest anyway :)

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End of day 3. The rest of the day consisted mainly of napping, riding bikes, eating steak.


There is some bone broth on the stove and a multitude of eggs hard-boiled and ready for the next few days.


Because I napped so much, I'm wide awake now (it's late in Australia). I have some reading to do, then it's off to bed in advance of my totally insane Monday, which is actually nonstop from about 5am until after 7pm. I'll be riding my bike between the venues of the day, which means packing light, which means relying on what food I can purchase along the way (apart from some small emergency cans of sardines that fit easily in my handbag). I'm a little nervous but hopeful that I'll get through the day in one piece  ^_^

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Sounds like you're off to a great start.  Bone broth?  Just bones, water...veggies? Seasonings?  Tryng to come up with stuff I can prep ahead and have ready.  Thanks for visiting my log.  Nice to know there are other newbies to clump together with.  Good luck to you. Can't wait to read more about your journey.

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Can I confess that today is the first day in who knows how long that I have cooked three solid meals for myself.


Sure, I've been busy, but I don't really think that's a fair excuse for being so poor to myself.


Here's what I've been doing lately (and as of this whole 30, stopping):

  1. No breakfast / coffee for breakfast / coffee & croissant for breakfast
  2. Only really eating 1 or two meals a day, the rest of my sustenance being just coffee and snacks
  3. Picking something up on the way home from a late lecture
  4. Taking a loaf of bread home from work and eating the whole thing that day, or over the next two days (yes, it's amazing artisanal sourdough but still... not ideal nourishment)

Still not really sure how I got there. I think I see people around me living in these ways and it looks effortless for them. I'm sure they have their problems with it, just not when I can see.


Also, I'm that afraid of making a fuss or being a burden that I'll just go ahead and do what suits everyone else with little regard for my own needs. This is my major thing in my life that trips me up every time, and it manifests itself in my food choices as well as everywhere else. In the past I have found that taking care to give myself what I need, foodwise, is the first step along a lovely little path of self-determination and self-respect. It starts with food, as they say :)


So I'm glad I'm back here, at day 6, cooking proper meals for myself and making sure I get what I need on my plate. I feel like it's the start (or restart) of something good.


Things I'm remembering:

  1. There are ways to eat avocado other than slathering it on a chunk of (wonderful, handmade, artisanal sourdough) bread
  2. Black coffee is amazing, just as good as the milky stuff
  3. It's so easy to throw together an amazing meal. Tonight I sauteed up some mushrooms and threw them in a salad of baby spinach, smoked salmon, avocado, and olives. SO good, and really only took five minutes, if that. And this I the kind of thing that I can take to school in my bag if I'm there all day. Could even take it for breakfast on those 8am starts, yes!
  4. Nuts are still an issue :( Yesterday and last night I was wanting to kill all the things and I ate kind of badly - a Larabar or two, and nothing but too many cashews for dinner. My system did not like this and told me so this morning. I've got some pistachios in the pantry that I'll slowly make my way through but other than that, I think I'll be avoiding nuts and the like for the rest of the 30 days (and beyond).
  5. Almond milk and homemade mayo... so worth the minuscule time investment to make.

Looking forward to making it through a whole week and starting on week two.

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Oh, those nuts are so addicting!  I love nuts.  I'm avoiding them for now so I don't get caught in their addictive trap of deliciousness.  Nuts and raisins mixed together are even more addictive!  I'm not gonna go there either :)  


Eggs are pretty much the thing that saved me last time I did this Whole30 and reading your posts about prepping eggs made me realize I'd better do that as well.  I discovered I could hard boil them in the oven in cupcake tins and that made my life easier (I could never figure out the boiling water thing) so I'm off to do that right this second!!  Good luck to you today.

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Oh dear! I fell off. Some chocolate on Saturday (resistance was low, I had a shocker of a headache). Then a milky coffee yesterday, and pizza for dinner last night! I never eat pizza!

I'm a bit premenstrual and mega stressed due to lots of assignments.

So I'm starting again, October 13th is my new day 1.

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