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I'm now on Day 3 of my Whole30. I'm feeling alright, although I'm anticipating the dreaded "hangover" and "Kill ALL the things" stages I keep hearing about.


It's been difficult to stay on track at work, but I've managed. Day 1 was horrible. In my readiness to start and some unexpected issues on my morning commute, I was not prepared. But Day 2 was a completely different story, and I'm feeling very ready and proud of myself as I move forward!


This morning, though, a colleague offered me a breakfast taco. Now, I live in San Antonio, and it's a well-known and absolutely true stereotype that in SA, 'Every Time is Taco Time.' Beyond that, Tex-Mex is was my lifeblood. (UGH  <_< ). I politely declined, gesturing to my (delish!) breakfast of 2 hardboiled eggs, some cooked greens, and a few raw almonds/pecans. He then began attempting to persuade me, congratulating me on my efforts and telling me I'd been so good all week (I resisted 2 fundraising bake sales and one of our employee's famous banana breads--in only 2 days!). He said, "You deserve a treat! One tortilla won't kill you!"




I began cracking my egg shells.  :D


A few moments later, I opened my Day 3 Whole30 email. There was a link to a post [ ] about the very real stages of grief that many experience during this radical change in lifestyle and diet, giving up foods we've eaten regularly and sometimes our entire lives. One part really resonated with me, as the author spoke about the stages of anger and bargaining--you're angry that you're the odd one out; you're trying to convince yourself that you * deserve a treat*. This part hit me right in the feels.


I'm so glad I read that post today, because it really got me thinking:

You know what I deserve?

I deserve to be healthy.

I deserve an opportunity to change and grow.

I absolutely deserve to invest in myself, to follow through with a commitment I've made to my person.

I deserve my own positive energy.


I. Am. Worth. It.


I'm sure there will be many days to come when I forget this, and I'm so thankful for a virtual community such as this where I can seek support and find resources that will help me discover and remind me of these truths...and help me combat my near-constant, internal chocolate chip cookie debate.  :P






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Great job!  I'm on Day 4 today.  My breakfast "felt" decadent and many might agree: steak, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion. 


Tacos at work would be hard for me to handle.  I mean, literally.  I'm a taco-klutz.  It takes two hands and inevitably I am covered with taco-spluge.  So perhaps you were wise to avoid it ...just because of the mess!


You ARE worth it!  But it is easy for us to forget that little pearl of wisdom.

Good luck!

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Congratulations on having your head on straight and figuring out what you really deserve.  I love it.


Just a note on breakfast:  It doesn't sound like enough food.  Eat more.  Really.  You will feel better.  And you deserve it.  ;)


The number of eggs as a protein source is supposed to be how many you can fit in your hand.  Some people's hands will actually grow to fit more eggs as this program goes on.  :D

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Thank you for your encouragement, Brewer5!


I also really appreciate the notes on breakfast. I'm trying to adjust to actually eating breakfast (instead of a soy chai/occasional pastry or fruit), and especially to eating more traditional protein. I'm coming from being mostly vegetarian, getting most of my protein from quinoa, legumes, and dairy. It's a HUGE adjustment to actually be eating eggs and meat, so I appreciate the feedback! I'm still working through It Starts With Food, but I couldn't wait any longer to start! While 2 eggs feels like a lot for me, you're correct--it's not actually enough protein! I'll work on that!


Thanks again! -Abi

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