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CrossFit Blues


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Today mark's day 8 for me. Two times this week I have failed to get through a WOD because I have felt weak, sick and close to losing my lunch! I thought Monday it was because I did not eat close enough to working out, maybe because it is coming 2 weeks from "that time" (sorry fellas) or because I changed my eating.

I pretty much ate this way for the most part, give or take a few dishes calling for honey or the twice a month homemade ice cream treat. I am not sure if this feeling is normal, if anyone else has felt it or maybe I am just going crazy!

I am hopeful it goes away soon! I was preparing dinner for tonight and had to stop and sit down because I am became so dizzy!

Someone HELP!!!!!!!

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Comparing what you ate before and what you're eating on the Whole30, how does the total food volume seem? Are you eating more, less, about the same? Are you eating significantly more vegetables at the expense of other foods you previously ate? It can be easy to underfeed on a Whole30 when eating lots of veggies and other nutrient dense foods that are less caloric. Make sure you're eating enough to support your CrossFit workouts. Adding some moderately sized pre or post-workout meals that include some protein, fat and carbs may help performance, especially if you're sticking to the three meals a day with no snacks and workout nutrition.

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I'm on day 17 and have experienced some "dizziness" as well...similar to when I was pregnant. I noticed that is usually if I go too long between meals as I am used to grazing all day long. I'm also not a huge meat eater so I have been filling up on veggies and fruit mostly. So I'm guessing I just need to eat more substance and you probably do too.. I did a boot camp class today and felt great during and after -- I ate and some chicken today about an hour before the class. It would probably be a good idea to keep a log of food and how you feel to determine which foods are fueling you for your workouts and if you should eat more.

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kat6722- I saw that you were doing 2-a-days at your crossfit gym. As a coach I see this a lot with some of our members. Especially those who are trying to lean out with a whole30 and still maintain performance.

So my immediate question is, are you eating enough to properly fuel your activity?

Could you post what a typical day is like for you?

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I don't usually EVER do 2 WOD's a day but this week in benchmark week so trying to get a couple of them in that I have not performed before :) .

Typical day for me is:

Breakfast 630-8am

3 eggs

2 slices of avacado

1 piece of chicken sauasge

sweet potato or kale

pre-workout 1030am

4oz of chicken

half a sweet potato w/TBS of almond butter

post-workout (BIG LUNCH)1PM

6oz of chicken w/2 avacado slices

3cups of kale

half a sweet potato

some strawberries

on running days a banana

Dinner 5-630pm

6-8oz of fish cooked in ghee

cauliflower rice mixed with tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers

3-4 cups of kale with onions

3-4 strawberries.

That is a pretty usual day. I play sports on top of my CrossFit so some days I may eat a pre-dinner meal(small)

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Food looks good, both quantity and quality. I would attribute the low energy to the change in diet, added workouts from last week, and your oncoming period. There is a good thread in the ladies only forum about the effects your cycle can have on energy and appetite (totally normal) . Keep at doing what you are doing, on days when you do more activity, eat a little extra.

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Shoot, that's a regular day of meals for me and I only Crossfit three times a week. On the days I don't Crossfit I eliminate the preworkout meal. Am I eating too much?

Depends on how you feel, look and your performance. Also depends on what your goals are..

Though 3 meals with protein, fat and veggies a day...is a great base..then if you need the snacks..add them in!

I would not go eating sweet potatoes and starches on a rest day though..can get a little too high carb and your body may not need it!

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