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Second Whole30 has been awesome!


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I did a Whole30 earlier this year, and now am doing my second (day 26 today).  The first one was filled with "Can I really do this?"  This second one has been a great break from all the food foolishness I get up to while not on Whole30.  It's been very peaceful, and, yes, I know I can do this because I've done it before.  


I've had some small bumps in the road this time through, but they've been self-inflicted (donating blood not such a great idea midstream) and had nothing to do with food.  My husband has been impressed enough by the predictable, repeatable results that he's read ISWF and will be starting his first Whole30 on Sunday!  He's a runner and in good shape to start so it will be interesting seeing how this works for him.  I'll be extending my Whole30 to a Whole-'little less than 60', and helping him along the way.


I really appreciate this program, the website, the book, and all Forum members that have helped me along the way - Thanks!


A suggestion - it would be really nice if there was a separate 30 day email stream that one could purchase for second or subsequent Whole30s.  It really is different the second time around.  


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