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New to Whole30 - Day 3, Started on 8/14


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I am new to Whole30, having just started on 8/14. So far, so good. Our family has been gluten-free since April, but I've been feeling the need to clean out my system and cut out the other stuff, especially the sugar and dairy. I am excited and a little nervous about this endeavor.

I am need of good snack ideas, if anyone has any to share!

I live in the SF Bay Area, an area with lots of good organic, fresh produce year round. I feel like I don't have an excuse not to eat whole food. If anyone else is from the Bay Area/Silicon Valley, I'd also love tips on restaurants that are Whole30 friendly!

Thanks for any support,


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I'd check out nomnompaleo.com, she has a ton of resources for the Bay area.

My favorite snacks are:

deviled eggs

turkey roll-ups (deli meat rolled around sliced bell pepper or celery with a dab of homemade mayo)

apple with almond butter

guacamole with zucchini sticks

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Thanks for the suggestions! I just got the nom nom paleo app and it is inspiring! I made her shrimp, tomato, and onion sauté for lunch and it went over great with my kids. Easy too. The more ideas, the more I think this is doable for me.

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