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OperaJo's 2nd Whole 30 Log


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Here we go! I started my 2nd Whole 30 on October 1st. I'm doing it this time with my mother. We are on day 4 now and boy are we cranky and tired! I was expecting these symptoms and I know they will pass, but it's still hard to go through. I neglected to log what I was eating the first three days, but I will start today.

This round of Whole 30 will prove to be entertaining. We are preparing for my sister's wedding which is in early November - so lots of obstacles and challenges ahead. Bring it!

My mom and I are both having a lot of digestion problems. I think we need to eat a few more carbs (sweet potatoes, etc) with each meal. Also maybe sauerkraut? I can only drink so much bubbly water!!

Day 3 - not much of an appetite again; feeling queasy. Fighting off office cold?

Breakfast: black tea, 3 eggs scrambled with olive oil, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, 1 avocado and black olives

Lunch: bubbly water, large sweet potato, ground beef, marinara sauce, peas

Dinner: chicken broth (feeling queasy) - later on (had to go to sis's last dress fitting!) salad with carrots and cucumbers (no dressing), hamburger patty. Handful of cashews and raisins.

Day 4 - so far (Shark week began so feeling knarley (a.k.a. "That time of the month")

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, black tea

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Whoops! Got off track on tracking!


I'm past the queasy zone, and now almost into the super high energy zone - minus the fact that I have a head cold. I'm going to look up recipes for chicken soup and make a gigantic batch.


Day 8

Breakfast: sweet potatoes, 2 pasture raised eggs, peas and sun dried tomatoes with a little bit of olive oil.

Snack: raw cashews with raisins

Lunch: tuna salad with homemade mayo, sun dried tomatoes, butter lettuce leaves and green olives.

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