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Approaching The Meat Counter?


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I just started the Whole30 and decided I want the best meat I can get.


There are no butcher shops within a 30 mile radius of me that I can find and I would make a long trip and stock up but I live in a teeny tiny apartment with an itty bitty freezer and no room for a chest freezer.


So I figured the meat counter at my local grocery store would be the best bet!


I am unsure of how to approach them?

"Uhh fresh meat please!?" Probably wont do.


Is it fresh?

Should I just buy the pre-packaged stuff?

If not, what do I ask for?

Is there some weird terminology I am un-privy to?

Any tips?

Things I should look out for maybe?

I swear I am a grown up.

Just a little naive to the world beyond the microwave.


Silly me.

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You might ask them if they only put out pre-packaged meats or if they are able to do specific cuts of meat right there. I found out that my local grocery store only puts out packages of meat they receive from elsewhere. That meant that I could only ask for what they could hand me (or grind up, they'll do that). If you discover that they do more than put out pre-packaged meats, you can ask them what they are able to do.  Good luck and have fun!

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