Starting second WHOLE30 Monday October 6


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I had originally planned on starting October 1st (in case you saw my previous post), but this start date just works better with my schedule. 


My second Whole30! I'm excited to try this again and see what happens! 



1. Eat 3-4 proper meals every day, every 4-5 hours. Clear boundaries around meals and meal times is tough for me since I have an "alternative" schedule (I work at night) and I use that as an excuse to not eat real meals. But just because I might be eating my 4th meal at 11pm doesn't mean its ok to just munch on fruit and nuts til I go to bed. 


2. Turn off all electronics an hour before bed. 


3. Cut out all throat lozenges/pastilles. Maybe this sounds weird, but I'm a singer and so I rely on throat pastilles a lot, probably too much. They are either full of sugar, or full of fake sweeteners (I'm assuming sorbitol is not ok on Whole30 though I'm not really sure). And I also tend to eat them compulsively. Like a whole tin in one day if I have two shows. This is going to be a tough challenge for me, but I'm committed to drinking water and throat coat tea as an alternative. Hey I'll probably relieve some jaw tension in the meantime!


4. Post my meals every day on the forum. Just to keep me honest and connected to the community. 


Cool! Here's my food for Day 0:


1. roasted kale (cooked in bacon fat), 2 eggs over easy, 1/2 GTs kombucha

2. roasted cauliflower w prosciutto, olives

3. hard boiled egg, primal pack beef jerky, celery w/almond butter



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Greetings Libberation....and CONGRATS on starting your second Whole30!  


I am on day two of my first round of all of this!  Spent most of my am and afternoon shopping and prepping for the week yesterday and ready to get this DONE!


Your lozenges sound like my gum addiction...but WE CAN DO THIS!!!  Right?  


Have a great day and stay in touch!


Cyndi in Colorado

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