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Restarted Oct 4th.


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Hello.  I'm Tess.  My friends steered me towards the whole 30/9 and on August 1st I started the program and shoved everything to the side that I wasn't supposed to have while I cleansed.  Within two weeks my blood pressure dropped to the point where I had to stop taking medication or it would go under 100/75.   A year ago untreated my Bp was 150/110   on the Whole 30  it stabilized at 114/76 without meds.  I completed the Whole 30 successfully though I had to back off the proteins a few times as I found myself overloading at breakfast as my plate would be about 3/4 protein and 1/4 veggies. 4 egg omelette with coconut milk and cut up hamburger patty off set with half a lb of green beans, carrots, or broccoli and maybe a bowl of frozen pinapples or strawberries.  


Then September hit and shoving money aside for a birthday weekend I failed to ensure I had budgeted for antiquate supplies.. and was forced to mix in rice or noodles to try and stretch what I had.   And I observed my blood pressure crawl back up.   


SO October it is time to start anew.  Am on a limited budget so there is not a great variation but 


4 egg omelette with coconut milk with green beans or broccoli for breakfast, 


For lunch, Spinach salad n grilled chicken (or simmered in olive oil and lemon juice) with home made balsamic vinaigrette ( Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper and sea salt with iodine).  


And for Dinner, hamburger patty (100% Ground beef) with 1/2 lb Green beans or broccoli. 


Mix in crock pot soups (2 lb's Ground beef, 3 cans no salt added diced tomatoes, 2 bags frozen green beans, 1 bag frozen cut carrots, 1 bag broccoli plus spices)  or am currently trying ( 2 lb's ground beef, half a large cabbage, 1 bag cut carrots, 3 cans no salt diced tomatoes).  When I make soups usually last about 3 days eating for lunch and dinner.


Am not a big fish person but there was a sale on whiting with skin attached so periodically simmer a couple fillets in lemon juice and Balsamic vinegar.


If feeling like a snack have a few cans of tuna packed in water left.  mixed with Italian seasoning, oil oil and spicy brown mustard. 



I wish I could do all organic but i'm pretty much forced to shop at Wal-mart and search for good things to get there. 

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Your menu sounds a lot like mine! I'm a non-chef and so I'm used to a pretty boring routine. :)


Double-check your tuna, I have a bunch of water-packed that still has soy-based vegetable broth it. (weird, I didn't mean to have 3 hyphenated words in that 1 sentence ;) )

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Well restarting again...


When refilling my spice bottle I discovered my curry powder's main ingredient is maize starch ( it's curry powder from Australia.. never dawned on me to check for some reason )and because that and of the tuna Kirkor pointed out.. my first Whole 30 wasn't' a success as I had thought.  


So scrubbing list of foods to make sure no other surprises, then restart, restart ,restart.. again and get it right. Oh well is how we learn and will succeed 


Waiting on a reply from New England Coffee, have already packed Keurig Green Mountain K-cups away.  Will probably have to pack NEC away too, but have hope.  


So not going to add anything, well besides the coffee,  but will enjoy this coffee another day and Monday Oct 13th buckle down again. 

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