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Replacement for Tomatoes?

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I'm allergic to tomatoes which takes so many things out of the rotation (also on my no-no list is garlic, carrots, celery and pork). There is nothing like a juicy tomato, especially straight out of the garden or from a farmer's market and I really, really miss them. I came up with a recipe for a sauce made from butternut squash I can use to replace tomato sauce, but I just haven't come across anything as satisfying as a fresh tomato. Anyone have a suggestion?

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I agree with you on tomatoes - hard to find a replacement - I don't eat them anymore either. 

Have you seen the recipes for Nomato Sauce? 

On the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) we don't eat nightshades - so there are quite a few good recipes out there for ketchup, BBQ sauce, pasta sauce without tomatoes if you Google "AIP" and then what you're looking for. 

Some of them are pretty darned good - once you get them in your dish you wouldn't know the difference. 






If you're looking for that fresh tomato vibe in a salad - try watermelon. A watermelon salad with basil (or any herbs), olives, capers, lemon juice and olive oil is pretty amazing. Melon salsa is also delicious. See this forum entry:



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