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3 days off and back on Whole30

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This is my first post in the forum. I would love your feedback and tips!


I just completed by first Whole30 on Thursday! I followed it religiously and loved every minute about it. I plan on going into the holistic nutrition field as a career and I felt like this really kick started my drive! I loved spending my time visiting farmers markets, health food stores, finding new recipes, etc. I felt great while on Whole30, I didn't really miss any food (I didn't eat too bad to begin with), I'm almost done reading the book and LOVE it, I was able to for a jog without complaining (tendinitis in my knees), overall I had more energy and I lost 13 lbs! I hope to loose a few more pounds, get back into the gym and hot yoga (more than I am now...only going like once a week now), I hope my skin will clear up (been getting minor acne), I want to be able to wake without an alarm, and I hope to inspire others and get my bf on board! 


The hardest thing for me was waking up earlier to prepare lunch and cook eggs for breakfast! I live in Winnipeg, Canada and know that winter will be a struggle with fresh produce. Our local farmers market closes in November but are (newly) offering online ordering of through the winter months and we do have a green-house based market, so I will make do. 


I thought that I would do the reintroduction once I had completed my Whole30 but I decided that it wasn't really worth it for me. I want to continue following the Whole30 lifestyle and I feel that it I eat anything non-complaint it wont make me feel good anyway, so what is the point on knowing what I'm intolerant to (if anything) if I don't plan on eating it often?


Friday I went to my "in-laws" (bf parent's) for dinner...Chinese take-out was ordered. I did have a couple other treats over the weekend...cheese in my eggs when we went for breakfast on Sunday, a couple handfuls of popcorn, a homemade muffin. 


None of the "treats" I ate made me feel sick but they also didn't make it feel good or energized! Starting today (Monday), I'm going to stick to the Whole30 rules and veer off track only if I needed. Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend and I'll stick to the rules as much as possible but because I have 3 Thanksgiving dinners to attend I know not everything I eat will be complaint...the veggies will likely have butter (non-clarified), gravy will have white flour, etc. but I'm fine with that because I know I can come back to the Whole30 whenever I need it and I feel off track. 


Does anyone have any advise? Tips for making breakfast easier? Make-ahead meals that you swear by? I appreciate it! 

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My advice would be this: I think it would really benefit you to do a thorough and complete re intro. 

Especially if you plan on going into the holistic nutrition field - this is something to know about and to experience for yourself. 

That way, when and if you do veer off track, you will know what you need to avoid and not risk getting sick. 

Deciding not to do that is of course, your choice, but means that you'll never know what your true sensitivities are to. 

Its very haphazard and means you have no real info. If you feel bad now, you could be reacting to corn, or soy, or dairy. 

After Thanksgiving you may want to try for another 30 days of compliance, then do reintros. 


Foodwise, I would just say, I don't eat eggs and encourage you to maybe try thinking outside of eggs for breakfast. Just eat any compliant meal for breakfast. Works great!


Best of luck! 

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"Its very haphazard and means you have no real info."  


Reintros...where the rubber truly meets the road.   After reading 100's of Whole 30 success stories, true measured success came with a reintro.   Withone one, I read about many a binge and an immediate decision to begin all over again .   

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Hello, fellow Canadian! :)


I just finished my first TRUE Whole30 a couple days ago (first one included a few "cheats") and have been contemplating whether or not to do the re-intro process. I KNOW that certain non-compliant foods don't sit well with me, so what's the point of adding them back in? I agree with what's been said about testing them anyway, especially - and correct me if I'm wrong - since your knowledge of what foods you react to sounds more vague, and for the sake of experience if you do go into the holistic nutrition field. (I am an RHN, and I find that the more experience you have, the better, because clients tend to trust firsthand info more than something you've just read about!) For me, I don't think I'm even going to bother testing dairy or gluten because I already knew those foods aren't good for me; however, I am going to try a bit of sugar and other sweeteners...stevia sure didn't go well when I tried that yesterday! Plus...ICK! But I digress...I'd suggest re-intro, just to clarify what exactly you're sensitive to.


As for breakfast and make-ahead meals, try making a big batch of some sort of bland-ish vegetable dish that can be gussied up depending on how you're using it, as well as a roast chicken. I have been making a big batch of carrot-cauliflower puree with cinnamon, sea salt, and coconut oil...I eat it cold with coconut milk for breakfast, along with a bit of the roast chicken. It can also be used as a soup when warm, or a dip with some sunflower seed butter added in. Roast chicken is rarely NOT appealing to me, so I can pick away at that at any meal. Bonus: the carcass can be used to make bone broth!


Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! :)

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