Thanksgiving Dinner - in Canada it's on Sunday - help!


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You might try these posts from The Clothes Make The Girl:  Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes and Kickin' Cranberry Sauce. She has other Thanksgiving posts as well -- use the search function on her site to find them -- but these seem like a good start. Her Velvety Butternut Squash is really good, it's in that first link. I'm sure the others are good too, I just haven't tried them all yet.

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Three words: Roasted. Brussels. Sprouts. (With fruit-sweetened dried cranberries and compliant bacon for bonus points!) Winner every time.


Oh man! Had roasted Brussels sprouts this weekend and they were A-MAH-ZING!

Slice them into 1/4ths vertically, toss with olive oil, finely diced garlic, finely diced shallot (we used 1 shallot for like 1.5lbs of sprouts), and salt & pepper, then roast in the oven, giving them a little flip as they brown.

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