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Mitsue Ferguson

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Read "It Starts With Food" ( boy does it ever!) and thought someone had been watching me. I am a total carb / junk food addict. I am never hungry in the morning. In fact, I can go all day long without eating. But once I start, Katy bar the door!

I have been known to buy 2 (or 3) packages of cookies so I could put one in the cabinet for the family to use and hide the other one for personal use. Guess which one disappeared first? :wacko: Potato chips, chocolate chips, oreos and ice cream. I have eaten these all in the same sitting. Knowing full well I would not be able to sleep afterward due to indigestion and reflux. But I COULD NOT STOP!!!! I would eat to the point of discomfort and right on through to pain. Still COULD NOT STOP!!!!!!!

It is time to stop.

My sleep habits - atrocious. I would stay up until midnight, because I had to wait until hubby went to bed to start the feeding frenzy. Then I had to stay semi-upright to prevent reflux. Then I was up at 1:30 for 30-40 minutes, then again at 3:30 for another 30-40 minutes, and finally I would just stay up at 5:30. Like I said before, I was not hungry in the morning and usually skipped breakfast, worked through lunch and I had recently developed the habit of stopping at Chik Fila for an Ice Dream cone on the way home. So it would begin. After dinner, I would feel obtunded. Absolutely no energy. Of course, I needed a little sugar to pick me up. Then a little more.

I started my Whole30 on August 12th and have done fairly well. It hasn't been totally painless, but it is a different type of pain and I feel like I am in control. I have been able to stop eating after dinner. I have felt hungry at times, but really it's not as bad as feeling like I am going to split at the seams! :blink:

Since I didn't start this log earlier, I will start with today's food log:

Breakfast: Onions, bell peppers, carrots sautéed in clarified butter, stirred in 4 oz sliced rib eye steak, topped with poached egg. Yummy! Rooibos tea

Lunch: Sauteed summer squash, asparagus, onion, snap peas. Grilled chicken breast, and raw cauliflower for crunch.Water. Coffee at 3pm

Dinner: Slow cooker pork roast, green beans, apples sautéed in clarified butter with chopped pecans.


It is now 10:40 pm. I think I should have eaten more veggies and less apples for dinner, because I am very hungry right now. But I will dutifully drink my water and go to bed soon.

Energy level was better today until 3pm that's why I had the coffee.

So, as I put Day 5 (and myself) to bed, I feel hungry, but not deprived; tired, but not defeated; and maybe a little weak in body, but definitely stronger in spirit! :)

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Thanks, Renee.

But, what a wild night! Up and down all night, so I think I will nix the coffee and stick with the Rooibos!

Got up tired and late. Breakfast was rushed and not as well rounded as I have been having. Had a couple good hours today, but found myself gazing longingly at the M&Ms in my coworker's trail mix.

I really need to get back to the grocery store and restock my veggies! I grilled plenty of meat for the week on Sunday, but I am not in the habit of keeping a variety of veggies on hand.

So today it was:

Breakfast- Grillled pork loin, 1 egg, asparagus, tea

Lunch- grilled hamburger, tossed salad, snap peas, almonds, tea

Dinner- Pork roast, brussel sprouts, water

Again, I am hungry, but don't want to eat now, because I want to hit the sack soon.

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