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Low FODMAPS Whole30


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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Belinda - and say hi - HEY!!!


I just started Whole30 2.0 after a successful but-not-there-yet Whole30 three months ago. During the two months off I was travelling, so alcohol, gluten and dairy were very much a part of my diet. I feel surprisingly good considering, and believe the healing during my Whole30 helped.

This time around, I'm trying the low FODMAPS version as I have a sneaking suspicion that's been contributing to my gut problems. Funny that when I looked at the low FODMAPS Whole30 Shopping List - pretty much every single fruit and vegetable staple that has been removed due to it's high FODMAPS score was a staple in my previous shopping list! 


I have a sneaking suspicion this will be awesome.




You all rule. To health and happiness! Infinity and beyond!

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