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Well girls, we made the leap beyond our first Whole30. Welcome to Life After. This is our space to continue sharing commentary, recipes, struggles and what life is like post-W30. In the first week of September, I started my first Whole30 and reached out in the Intro Section (http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/21613-september-4-day-3-could-use-a-buddy/), asking for a buddy. Mary, Tina and Beara joined the journey. We've had a great time and become each other's cheering section. A couple of us are continuing on into another Whole30. 


The past weekend, I dabbled a bit with re-intro: some sharp Imperial Cheddar spread on apple slices; eating out at a Vietnamese restaurant and ordering stir-fried veggies with tofu; a 'healthy' nut bar drizzled with 70 per cent dark chocolate (not doing that again). I was out last night at a staff appreciation dinner and I'm pretty certain there flour was used to thicken the jus that coated the chicken. I just went for it. I was offered a glass of wine but decided that if I am going to break my fast from alcohol, I'm going to splurge on a really decent red, akin to Grant Burge's Holy Trinity, not some cheap house wine. 


After these forays, I've decided to keep going as a Whole30 Lifestyle. There are some significant birthday celebrations coming up in the next couple weeks and it's also Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend. All occasions for my amazing extended family to gather at table We love to cook and we love to eat. With your help, I may just be able to navigate through the season.


So those that want, continue to log your meals and comments here. Cheers to a happy, healthy whole life!



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Thank you for getting us started, Widget! And congratulations to Mary for your scale and non-scale victories (that you shared on the other forum). WHAT IS IT about those darn soft pretzel places in the mall. My kids love them. And I do too :)


Stuck to Whole30-style eating yesterday. Today I made my new favorite breakfast, grated sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil and ghee and topped with pumpkin spice spice, and three crispy eggs (http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2014/10/the-crispy-egg/). Lunch will be sugar snap peas, pumpkin pudding (made with canned coconut milk), and sardines in olive oil. Dinner tonight is going to be a quick hamburger with spinach and who knows what else, before we jet off to swim lessons.


My son turned 5 years old yesterday. Every birthday is special, but this one was extra special to me, after dealing with his cancer diagnosis this year. We took him to Dairy Queen last night for a blizzard. I wanted one too, but stayed strong, and just filled myself up on the sight of his grown-back hair and newly-chubby cheeks. I reminded myself that part of the reason I am focusing on clean eating is so that I can have the best possible health, and so that I can keep celebrating his birthdays for many more years to come.


Hope you all have a great day.


Sara :)

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here's the post I tried to post this morning - but work computer didn't work - or rather while on my work computer I get logged off the site randomly boots me off)

Good morning all !   

All is going good on my end - having fridge issues - waiting on my landlord to do something about it.  It froze my veggies - so now I have to shop again.  Not happy about throwing money out the window. So I am out of veggies.  I did stop and get a yellow squash a zucchini and some asparagus that I grilled and that got me through yesterday, and leftovers for lunch today.

I don't know about you all - but I am feeling so good !  I am so happy I stumbled across this program.

Saturday is our yearly trip to Door County - wine and friends - what could be better ? !!!    I am only slightly apprehensive.. slightly -  but I have to go on living - right ? !     I will make good choices - and cross my fingers that they have oil/balsamic vinegar available for dressing (cuz I really do like it)

I got a flu shot this morning - I have not had any reactions to the flu shot in years...  so I am hoping that this year is the same.  I have been hearing that people are getting sick after getting it.   I don't want to be sick for this weekend !

I still haven't really adventured in unknown 'waters' of different types of drinks - other than having some coconut water w/ pineapple juice  or mango juice.  But I noticed it has a lot of sodium.   so I am not drinking it very often.   I also tried a sparkling water w/ orange "natural" flavors.  How ever - with reading natural flavors might not mean good for you.  So was leary of that as well.

I have noticed that there is less hair loss after showering ...  which is nice !  Haven't really notice 'glowing skin' but then again - I'm always lookin at this skin - so looks the same to me  :)   I am losing some of the nasty belly fat - which is nice. I have a few shirts that are at the bottom of the drawer that I am now able to pull out and where because I am way more comfortable in my skin.   another NSV.   One of my goals this year was to be happy in my skin.  and I am getting there.

No exercise last night - and it was cold out so me and grandson did not go out-  Mr didn't have a nap so he was CRANKY  so we had some cuddle time - a little tent making and then dinner and to bed.   Then I cleaned up the tent mess, dishes and dealt with their puppy.  -  I forgot how much work a puppy was.  He also ended up being put to bed early - he needed a time out !

I got Kettle Corn yesterday - and it was calling to me - I had gotten it for my daughter - I enjoyed the smell....  and put it away - but it was slightly difficult to not grab a piece.

M1 eggs w/ potatoes

M2  burger w/ yellow squash, a celery stalk and some cukes

M3 steak w/ grilled brussel sprouts, green beans and yellow squash.

Apple for a snack

both M1 &2  were on the skimpy side - didn't have many veggies so I had to split them between all my meals.  M3 is making up for it !   Yum  steak

I am going to make Char Siu (Chinese bbq pork) from Well Fed-  going to try and make it in the crock pot... I know that Melissa doesn't like to convert her recipes to crock pot but if I want dinner tomorrow - I have to make something in the crock.  Not sure how the sauce will do - past experience bbq tends to burn.

Any suggestions ?

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Well done Tina Marie. How did you do with that flu shot? Any reaction? 


Sorry about the fridge issues. I would hate to throw out good food, too. I arrggg with you. 


Enjoy your weekend in Door County wining and dining with friends. I haven't had reason to have a drink of wine yet or any alcohol for that matter. It just isn't time yet. However, I did attend a movie last night with my son. We saw an advance screening of St. Vincent. It's a terrific film with Bill Murray as a grumpy war vet who is befriended by a little boy who moved next door to him. It's a great film. Oh...the point: yes. Sorry I got distracted there. I ate movie popcorn: almost a full regular bag, no butter but very salty and likely popped in really bad oil. I paid for it today. I am still bloated in my abdomen. Blech! I won't be doing that again for a long time. 


What plans for the weekend Sara and Mary where are you? We haven't heard from you in a few days. 


This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Tomorrow is a quiet day. A friend is coming over to help me put sliding curtain panels over my closets. I'll also pick the last of the tomatoes from the greenhouse and clean up in there. I'd like to start some winter kale and lettuce in the beds. Sunday is church and Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family. This one is a vegetarian meal so lots of compliant side dishes. No turkey. Monday, a hike in the mountains with friends. 


Today's meals were pretty simple: B: a bowl of berries. I forgot to pack breakfast. L: squash, sweet potato and ground beef hash with a side salad. S: pork chop with sautéed green apple, sweet potato and sugar snaps. 


Keep going my dears,



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hello everyone !

Yesterday was the wine and cheese weekend.  I had a total of 1 glass of wine -if that much.  The samples they give you are 2 sips at the most, and I had split some of my choices with a friend. I only tried the ones I knew I would like.  I ate a good breakfast before we left and didn't get hungry until 2ish. We then went for lunch at a place that served organic beef... (bonus) it was chilly out and we had to eat outside - The food was good I had a burger w/ lettuce and then ordered a side salad.  The salad came dressed, but with a vinegar of sorts. So I'm am sure it had sugar in it.  Dinner was Chinese bbq pork.    (from well fed - put I put it in the crockpot)

Today was cutting and stacking wood for my parents.  Good M1 before leaving.  Mom made her sloppy joes (homemade) which I know had some sugar in it (not much - but had sugar) and some potatoe salad (again sugar) and fresh veggies.   Tonight is going to be a sw potato and white potato hash with eggs I think - or more of the bbq pork.

I didn't feel anything from the wine  - but that really was a 'small' test.  I bought some Lovely onion/garlic gouda.  Just waiting for it to be a special occasion. Did not have some last night - even though I was extremely tempted.


Mom made her delicious apple sour cream coffee cake.   I would love to have a bite - but after these 2 days I am going to save it and have a bite on Wed.


I have been having some pretty bad leg cramps lately.  More than ever before.  I had compartment release on my left leg almost 6 yrs ago.  The cramps started right after that. Extremely painful. So bad that they turned my foot out !   over the years they lessened -slightly.

I asked my surgeon and he couldn't explain it.     I have tried bananas, and recently coconut water.  I can not figure what what is causing them. Wake me up in the middle of the night.   I do have some homeopathic oils that I use - it does help loosen the muscles a little quicker.

I was hoping - eating better would help - but honestly it has seemed to get much worse.


Any thoughts ?

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I looked at the forum about medical conditions- and found a post about leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.  Says to take magnesium, spring water or mineral water.  Also Epsom salt bath.  I am overjoyed !  I will be getting some magnesium as soon as I can !

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Mary (Marty) where ya at ??? !    how is everyone doing ??


I decided to try a hotdog today... it was a uncured beef frank by Gilberts.  No nitrates, no msg no corn syrup, gluten free.  (with less than 2% sugar- so the label says)  So we will see how I feel tomorrow.  It wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be.  Although I did not have it with my normal, cole slaw.  Ran out of mayo so I had to go sans cole slaw.   I can tell that it won't be something that I want to eat multiple times in the month.


I hope that everyone is doing good.....  my fridge is supposedly fixed. so Yah for me !


Widget - I can't wait to hear how your Thanksgiving went. I hope it was wonderful ! 


Sara - how are you doing ? How is your son ?  Are you still doing the W30 or are you doing reintro at this point ?


Ok  ladies - will check in later

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Hey TIna Marie, 


I don't know where everyone has gone off to. Perhaps they are finding that there is not longer a great need to log in. That's okay. 


How are the leg cramps today? 


Canadian Thanksgiving was delightful. A small gathering of family sans turkey. For the past several years, Thanksgiving has been a vegetarian feast held at my brother's house. Everyone brings something. I roasted up a mess of veggies and made homemade pizza for the gluten eaters. My sister in law served a veggie lasagna with no cheese, just layers of gorgeous vegetables. Fruit for dessert. It was all about being together as a family. Loved it. 


The next day I walked off that meal with a good 7km hike above Lake Louise, in Banff National Park. It was a perfect day and the elevation of 1400' made it quite the workout. At the destination, Lake Agnes, was a tea house. They served turkey soup with bread, cheese and an apple. So for the very first time in about six weeks I scarfed that homemade oatmeal bread down. Was it ever good. After that climb, I believe I would have eaten just about anything. 


The next day, I noticed that my eczema was back. So I now know more definitively what the culprit is: wheat. 



That's it for me. Pretty much sticking with simple eating. I have added plain, organic yogurt back into the mix. No adverse affects.


Take care now,



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Your dinner sounds magnificent !  and to have beautiful weather to boot !  The bread sounds wonderful - I ate some wonderful home made sourdough bread once (while on Paleo) because I just couldn't say no.... definitely paid for it - was sick within 2hrs.  and from then on - I decided that no bread was worth the pain and such afterwards.


I am doing some minor off roading - some re-intro -  so I guess I am technically not doing another whole 30..  I would say 98% of the time I am.


I am going to re-intro corn.  It really doesn't have much nutritional value - actually probably none.  But occasionally I like to chew on a cobb or two, and I like it in some meals.  So my plan for re-intro for corn will be having a egg burrito in a corn tortilla for M1,  M2 & M3 will be another serving of corn.. I want shephards pie and will add corn to that  and then probably like a burger or something like that - with some corn that I froze from the farmers market.  I don't know when I will do this... When ever I get around to it.


I am also going to re-intro dairy - but only the items that I miss  and then only Occasionally will I partake (if there are no issues)  - cuz I really don't miss it - much.  Cheese every now and then. I really am doing it to see if it has been the cause for all the inflammation I had prior.  I suspect it is the culprit but will do a formal reintro for dairy.


I read the reintro part of W30... I think that I will reintro specific dairy items individually.  Like cheese, I will add to all 3 meals and then see how I feel.   I decided to go this route - because if dairy is the true problem, I want to see if the things I like cause problems on their own.  like yogurt, cream, butter, cheese.   We will see how that goes. I think I will start that intro after this 30 is done.  which is 11/3.



I ate 2 bites of my mom's cake from the weekend. It was DE-LISH - very sweet though. I would not have been able to eat more than those 2 bites, but I did enjoy each bite ~ savored them. 


so that is my plan. 

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Widget ~ thank you for setting up this new log...hope I can find it again!!  I apologize for dropping out for a bit, some stressful family stuff that needed resolution.


BUT, you have all been on my mind! I read through your posts and you all sound determined, enlightened and plowing forward.


Tina - did you continue to feel well after the flu shot? I hope to get mine next week. The doctor ran out. I have to admit that I don't see glowing skin. Maybe it already glowed. I do continue to be less stiff in my hip after exercising. That's great! And better than the chiropractor after lots of co-pay! I AM seeing a reduced belly, roomy pants that were tight before. I am tucking in my shirt and there is no lump in the trousers. 


So, I had one interim day between W30#1 and #2. My splurge was a glass of wine. Now I'm on Day 12. We went out to dinner on Saturday and I had pan seared salmon with the glaze on the side (cooked in olive oil..no coconut oil available, didn't bother with the glaze), a lovely green salad with the vinegrette dressing on the side (I poked my fork into it and tasted the tines...there was sugar! I used the extra lemon brought out for my club soda.) and some mushrooms cooked in olive oil. Very nice.  I continue to drink black decaf without any problems...except I'm not really enjoying it. I have decaf Lipton that I think I like better than the fancy teas. Go me, cheap date! 


My meals have been pretty easy, a lot of veggies, a little fruit twice a day. I cook for my freezer and eat out of it often. I had a frozen pork tenderloin from Costco. Not pastured, but paid for. I cooked both tenderloins in the package and froze one. So there are about 6 meals in the freezer there. I made two meat loaves and then sliced, wrapped and froze. We had that tonight with zucchini ribbons, onion and mushrooms cooked in a little ghee. Good! 


I have forgotten how to cook a steak. We don't own a grill. How can a gal from Texas not know how to cook beef and not own a grill? I told my husband that a nice grill would be a good Christmas present for us to give each other. That way we both get something we will use and enjoy. He was all for it. 

I think I'll ask my son-in-law for pointers. HIs family owns a real ranch with longhorn cattle raised for beef. 


I did go to Austin, helped with the baby girls for a week and took my frozen packages of food and veggies and fruit. I felt like a bag lady! But I was so happy to be able to pop a breakfast mix, or some frozen breakfast sausage into the microwave and eat it in the early morning before the girls were up and ready for their change and breakfast. 


So, Saturday we're going to a big farmer's market and annual herb society extravaganza. I have planted some parsley, dill, rosemary, and had some lovely basil and oregano. I think I have some mint, too. I want to find nettle. Can't find it wild in this part of the country. But I think I can baby it. While we're at the market, my husband will get breakfast tacos, some wonderful baked goods and really enjoy himself. I'll enjoy the herbs and a nice cup of decaf coffee. And I'll find some grass fed beef, some ground goat, and maybe some sausage without fillers or sugar from the organic farm lady.


Coffee -  I wish I could find a lovely full-bodied coffee. I feel that my tastes may have changed and what I'm drinking seems short in flavor. I've googled how to make coffee - really! 


Thank you for keeping the conversation going! I will check in tomorrow.


Oh, Thanksgiving is at my house this year, you're all welcome to join us!



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Quick Saturday check in. Good morning Mary and Tina Marie,


Mary. I think Whole30 has become a way of life for you! Brava. I love your creativity especially with preparing meals and freezing them. I have fallen into eating mostly by the Whole30 template but it's not rigid. I'm still off sugar and alcohol. Still haven't had that glass of wine yet. Waiting for a really good occasion and a great wine. 


I love the Tai Chi program I started. It's called Tai Cheng from www.beachbody.com. It's a 90 day program that builds strength and balance. It's very manageable for me with a series of DVDs. It also came with a foam roller. It's funny to see the hopscotch blue tape grid on my living room floor. I cover it up with my rug during the day. I can see this also becoming a way of life. 


Yesterday was my day off from work. I had a beef stew simmering in the slow cooker all day. It was laced with fresh rosemary, garlic, bit of cumin and other spices. I did freeze the unused portions. 


Hey gals, did you know that in Canada, Costco sells organic whole chicken? This is great. Tonight, I will roast one and save the other for another time. 


Tina Marie, how are the leg cramps? Did the magnesium help? I use that foam roller to massage out the pressure points in my calves and legs. I find that this is one of the best things I can do to relax those tight legs, especially after exercising. 


The weekend beckons. There's lots to do. Better get started. 



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Hmmm, I need to look harder at my Costco. I found one refrigerated section that had organic meats - the sausage, some pastured beef. I will look for the chicken in my next foray in another week. 


Widget, this exercise program sounds interesting! Doing that with your rower should put you in prime shape! Today I didn't walk my steps. and tomorrow won't either. But I'll get back on it on Monday and have a 4.3 mile walk scheduled for Wednesday. So, Beara, I get my 10,000 or more about 3 times a week. My weekly daily average is 7700 steps. I have to work on increasing this.


Tina, did you fare well after the flu shot? 


Today I didn't buy anything at the farmer's market, but we had a lovely time exploring the rebuilt Pearl Brewery area (reclaimed and now rebuilt as a culinary institute, condos, businesses, restaurants, hotel in the old brewery offices) along the San Antonio River and the extended Riverwalk, I DID order a pastured turkey for Thanksgiving. Expensive! But I thought I'd try a fresh, pastured turkey once and make my own decision if it is worth paying more than twice what a frozen Butterball would cost. My turkey is still happily roming his range right now.


I tried to buy some nettle, but we're too warm here. It's not even available.


Widget - that stew sounds lovely! We had stew also, it had been frozen from a couple weeks ago. And it was great! I froze it in generous double portion sizes  and it was great to pull out for a quick, complete dinner. I ate half of mine (it was generous portions) for a quick lunch between morning service, 60th anniversary of the church and choral evensong in the afternoon. Fortunately we go out to dinner after evensong and I've already checked the menu, a small portion (they offer 2 portion sizes) of zucchini noodles, grilled chicken, pine nuts. I'll check that there was only olive oil used in preparation.


Meal check in

B: Frozen Breakfast casserole, 1/8 cantaloup, black decaf coffee

L: 1/2 Turkey burger, 1/2 small avocado, apple

D: Nom Nom stew, black decaf coffee, club soda with spash of organic tart cherry juice (only).


Talk to you all on Monday ~ Mary

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Hi Mary,


Good to hear from you. When I do have turkey, I usually get a free-range, close to organic, no antibiotics or hormones. It's pricey. About $3.25 a pound as I recall. I usually get one about 16 to 18 pounds. You can understand why I don't do it that often. But....the taste is significantly different. Tell me if you notice it when you do yours. I don't even brine the bird, it's that tender and cooks up very well. 


I am enjoying the Tai Cheng program. It just feels good to start the day moving. Good for you to keep up your steps, even three times a week. 


Tomorrow, we celebrate two birthdays: my daughter turn 19 and my son, 21. Everyone is coming over and I'll make homemade chicken burgers with rosemary and garlic. I usually bind together with an egg and panko bread crumbs. I will have to think of an alternative for that. Any ideas?


Today I did my exercise program, rowed for 15 minutes. 

Breakfast: fruit  and a small handful of almonds/pecans.

Lunch: leftover stew thinned with low sodium beef broth into soup 

Supper: Roast organic chicken leg/thigh and stir fried kale from the garden seasoned with coconut aminos.


Take care and keep on. Tomorrow morning, I'll dash out to the mountains for a quick little hike with a new friend and then home to prep for the party.



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hi everyone ! Quick pop on - I'll post tomorrow about my weekend


Widget - I use almond flour - works just as well.  I've made cauliflower "tats"  and it held it together beautifully.  Or I use coconut flour.  You will have to judge it - if too wet, add more. I usually start out less than the recipe calls for the crumbs.    Also have not gotten any magnesium yet... Have been drinking mineral water until I do get some.  Tuesday night I am going to do an Epsom salt bath.  ( tomorrow have grandson overnight so that will be too hectic to try and get a bath in too ! )


Mary - Thanksgiving would be wonderful - if I only have vacation time !  Thanks for the invite !


I did not suffer any ill effects from the flu shot what so ever.  I didn't think you could get sick because I heard the shot is a dead virus ... ?


Glad to hear everyone had a good weekend.


Til tomorrow.

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Hi Ladies,


I'm ba-aaack! I haven't been working much lately (only 10 hours last week) and so I haven't been online much. I am trying to follow the Whole30 guidelines closely - last week I ate some flour products and some sugary treats, and I didn't like the side effects. I haven't had the interest in reintroducing dairy or legumes of any sort, so haven't had any run-ins with those products!


Will read through the thread and post more tomorrow, but wanted to say hi.



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Welcome back Sara and hello everyone.


This weekend I made a 3 litres of creamy, rich, organic yogurt. During my Whole30, I did miss my light usual breakfast of yogurt and berries. So I'm reintroducing homemade plain yogurt back into my diet. That's the only dairy I really eat these days.


Today, my team went to a Lunch n' Learn at a downtown office. We were presenting what our charity does and asking this office to consider choosing us as their charity of choice for funding. They served a gourmet pizza. I knew I had my whole30 compliant chili waiting for me back at the office but I did sneak in a slice of pizza. All afternoon, my tummy felt a bit bloated and heavy. I know why! It wasn't worth it. I'll definitely save these pizza forays for the rare exception to the rule of life. 



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My the weekend flew by !


I tried my wonderful gouda on Friday -  and in the middle of the night woke w/ some stomach pains and did not sleep well.  I only had a small piece - so not sure if that is what caused the issue, so I am going to retry it - but a much bigger piece !!  (my taste buds will enjoy that !)


My weekend was full - got my broken camper loaded with all the camping gear - drove that to my daughters house for the winter, did some shopping, and then finally relaxed.  Was going to take my daughter to see "if I stay"  but we both forgot about it until it was too late to go !  Go fgure-  Sunday went to visit a friend for the day - we did lots more shopping and ate out for lunch.  Went to a Mexican restaurant and had a taco salad.  The salad was just iceburg lettuce, and sometimes I have issues with lettuce if it was sprayed with that 'veggie cleaner spray'.  so - sure enough a little while later - my stomach was not happy.


I made a unplanned stop at my friends house, and her husband had just finished cooking and insisted I stay for dinner.  Roast chicken mashed potatoes & gravy and corn.  He made my plate - they are good friends so when he saw I didn't eat everything - he gave me crap - saying his dinner wasn't good .. etc   I said it would make a wonderful lunch. He sent home another container for my daughter !  Brought it home, gave brooke the potatoes and corn.  Made myself a baked potato and carrots and added that to the chicken for my lunch,


Tonight made a roast w/ potatoes, and carrots.  I felt like I didn't have enough veggies with my dinner tonight. I think it is funny how this program (hate calling it a diet)  makes me rethink all my food choices.


I am getting bored with being the only cook in the house - I could see backsliding - if I don't continue to be prepared.  it is way easier to throw a pizza in the oven - than making meat/veggies.  BUT I will not give in.  Just need to do some major cooking and get some meals in the freezer - that I can pull out for those "pizza would be easier" nights.


I made some clarified butter (it just sounds weird to say Ghee) !  and tomorrow will make more mayo, and will try another sauce to have on hand.


welome back Sara !


Widget I tried to make yogurt - I didn't like how it turned out.  I had used raw organic milk - but at that time - I didn't make it sweet enough - now I probably could eat it.    and I didn't make it in a yogurt maker - I used the hot water method, it was on the runny side.  How do you make your yogurt?

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Hi all,

Widget, your Canadian Thanksgiving sure sounds lovely! It seems that the real emphasis was on being with your family, which is so refreshing!


Mary, my steps have really decreased. Seems like I can't keep all my balls (*balls being components of healthy living [sleep, food, exercise]) in the air at the same time.


I don't know what I would call my eating habits lately - mostly good, but definitely not Whole30. I made some homemade paleo cookie dough last night, my husband didn't tell me he'd put butter on the green beans until after I'd eaten a bunch and so I ate those and also made the cookie dough bites with butter in them. It was the good stuff, though, Kerrygold...my very favorite! The cookie dough wasn't really that great. I can't say I'm a huge almond flour fan. I do think I'm missing yogurt a bit. Maybe I'll get some for one of my meals tomorrow. We are taking my daughter off of dairy for a little while, though, so I think I'll be making my own clarified butter (using Kerrygold - it's a good price at Costco right now).


I'd love to try a pastured turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Will look into the pricing around here, if I can still get one ordered!


Glad to catch up with all of you!


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Hi ladies !

sara ~  I have been making clarified butter from Kerry gold too - got it Costco -  I usually only do 1 stick a week - then I don't have to worry about it going bad. 


Yesterday~ I had a culvers salad - and ate the raspberry vinegarette....   no cheese but did use the dressing -  my meals yesterday weren't the best, so low on veggies and I had grandson so I didn't pay close attention to my lunch.  Had roast/potatoes/carrots.   - boring -   We didn't get home until late so couldn't make anything new for lunch today - but tonight will be shephards pie and making josh rogan.


Will check in later on

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Tina Marie, what do you do with the waste from the homemade ghee...can it be used for anything, or is it just tossed?


I had a piece of cornbread yesterday, I bought lunch at work to benefit our local United Way organization, and I got an INSTANT migraine. I love cornbread, so am very sad with this development. I plan on having some corn again in a few days to see if that may be a trigger for me.


Salmon cakes, green beans, an apple, and coconut flakes for breakfast this morning. Lunch and dinner TBD :) Hope you all have a great day!


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I toss the foam - it is the dairy part - so no use.  It was funny trying to explain it to my daughter - she says how can you take the dairy out of butter when it is dairy ?!  does it then become Non-butter ? !!   LOL  she was cute -   


Salmon cakes sound good - !  I think that will be on my list next. do you use canned salmon (with bones) or the deboned variety ?  Rachel Ray made some using fresh salmon - I think I may try that.


Spend the night browsing Pinterest and finding recipes that I can modify to be W30.  Found a curry chicken/mango recipe that is on the list for sometime soon. (chicken is thawing in the fridge)


I ate some corn last night too.   I didn't do a full day of corn for reintro - cuz I just made shephards pie and added corn to it.  so eating that again for lunch.  the corn isn't a huge amount so will probably have to do a different day of full on corn. 


I can't believe  Day 20 of the 2nd round ! 

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this website - gets frustrating !  I just typed this huge post - and the screen blinked - and I ended up on the main page.  and lost everything I wrote.


long story short - big cook day - and shopping and garage cleaning.  2 batches of mayo - both broke -  I think the blender got too hot. I think previous batches I must have stopped mid way to let the blender chill.  needless to say - olive oil has gone up on price and I threw it down the drain.  I couldn't keep it - it looked gross.


OK - well I ate crappy today - actually didn't eat really anything so I think I will go make a salad so I have some veggies in me before bed.

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Hi ladies !


How is everyone doing ?   I am hanging in there...


.I was very sore yesterday, during the middle of the night Sunday - started to be achey and could not get comfortable.  and then woke with a headache.  I don't want to blame the wine - but I did have 1/2 glass of the wine I bought on my wine trip.  a yummy pear -  I had enough to satisfy my desire, then put it away.  So I don't know if yesterdays issues were from the wine.  I am planning on having a BIG glass on Saturday evening - cuz I have no plans on Sunday and then I can see if this wonderful wine causes issues.    I took a nice long bath w/ Epsom salts - and felt pretty good after. Slept better last night.


Next week is the end of my almost Official 2nd w30... I am anxious to weigh and measure myself again... I have found some old pants that I was holding onto (like we all do ~ for THE DAy I fit INTO them AGAIN) and I FIT into them !!  I'm so excited ! one pair (not sure why there were in the too small for me box) actually fell off with them still buttoned !  whoot whoot

Ok I guess I should go back to work - cherrio !

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