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Day One Lightheaded

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Hey everyone!


Its day one. My morning started off great but as the afternoon progresses, Im feeling lightheaded. Im not eating fewer calories per say, but definitely less sugar. The past week has been somewhat of a sugar craze... here's what I've eaten today so far:



2 scrambled eggs, red pepper, spinach, cantaloupe and a black coffee



Turkey burger, yellow mustard, asparagus spears, almonds and some blueberries


Snack: spaghetti squash - only because I feel like Im going to man down! Any suggestions anyone? Im open to anything. This is pretty hard already feeling this way. I don't want to give up so early on. 


Thank you in advance for ANY Help!!



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So far I don't see any fat at all.


Calorie-wise, since you brought it up (although Whole30 is most assuredly not about calories), unless you were eating less than 500/day before your Day One, you are certainly eating less than you were yesterday.


Check the meal template and make sure your meals fall in line.


1-2 Palm sized servings of protein (your whole palm, including the thickness)

1-3 cups of veggies (more if it's salad greens)

1-2 thumb sized portions of fat (but check the template because olives/coconut milk/avocados all have their own unique measurements)


Do this at LEAST three times a day.

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First, I just want to say that was only by noon. That was not my entire day intake.


I do appreciate the replies so much (I think it probably is my blood sugar), but there is plenty of fat already. 2 eggs? Almonds? I then had some chicken (some fat in there) and almond butter (these are only the other fats I'm mentioning - other food was included). 


Im actually eating around the same amount of calories as yesterday (again, this was only by noon today...) and I eat plenty. I by no means ever starve myself. I think my only concern is that perhaps this plan of lower carbohydrates is going to be a shock to my system. I am following the template quite closely in regards to portion size, servings, etc. 


Perhaps it is something I will need to get through while my body levels out on this. 

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Just to point out, a serving of eggs is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand. Unless you're really tiny, that's at least three. Maybe four. 


Quit counting calories. You don't need to, and it's against what the Whole30 is trying to do. The point here is to feed your body plenty of healthy, nourishing food. If you're hungry (truly hungry, like steamed fish and broccoli sound good), eat. If you're feeling light-headed, you likely are not eating enough of something, or maybe you're just flat out not eating enough, no matter what the calorie count says.


Add a starchy veggie every day. If you're active, add more. You're not going for super low carb here.  Many people find that going too low carb affects their energy and their mood negatively. (FWIW, I eat more starchy veggies than I should at times, and I've still lost weight on each of the three W30s I've done -- eat more, and see if you don't feel better. You can play with cutting back on them when you're feeling better, especially if  you feel like you're not getting enough other kinds of veggies.)


You did say the past week was  a sugar craze -- that will make this first week or so a little harder, and you probably won't feel great -- but you shouldn't be lightheaded or dizzy. You may feel more tired than usual, and grouchy, but not dizzy. Your body is switching from burning easily accessed simple carbs to burning fat for fuel, and that process takes a few days, and since it's easier for your body to burn the simple carbs, it may protest that you've taken away it's easy fuel and are making it work harder (gross oversimplification here, but that's my basic understanding -- It Starts With Food has the more science-y explanations). 

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