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Marian Meldrins

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I've just started the Whole30 ( Day 3) , and I'm also training for a marathon, yesterday while I was training I was feeling really hungry and started to feel very dizzy, like when you need food. Would it be ok to have a snack like 1 apple and some cashews before training? or Should i schedule my meals different?

I wake up 6.30 and have a good breakfast, 4 egg whites, 1/2 tin of canned tuna, 1 cup of broccoli, spinach and peppers, and 5 strawberries. Then go to work ( office work)

Lunch 1 pm, 1 baked cod fillet, 1 sweet potato, tomato, carrot and apple

5.30 pm training. 40 mins yoga

1hr 45 mins spinning

Walk home 3 km

Dinner 9pm: Green Thai curry Prawns, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and condiments + coconut milk.

My training these days is either long spinning classes, or long 15/ 20 km runs, some swimming and some boxing.

Thanks :)

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have you read "It starts with food"? It explains a LOT. One thing in the book is a recommendation for both a "pre-workout" and a "post-workout" snack. you want protein and fat (no carbs) before the workout, protein and carbs (no fat) after. I do either a hardboiled egg or a few nuts before, usually some roast beef and sweet potato after.

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Thanks @missmary! I've just order the book online, I couldn't find it in Dublin! Hopefully I will get it soon. Thanks for clarifying this, it make more sense now!

Another Dub, yay! I got mine online from book depositiry, I doubt you'll find it in a real shop here.

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