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Whole Chicken


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I made a whole chicken in the crockpot on Saturday because my oven is broken. Now what to do with all the meat?! Even though I thought it was incredibly disgusting to handle a whole dead chicken and its parts, it's much more economical, which is great on my tiny budget. I also got some bone broth out of it (not much and it's almost gone). Anyone have any compliant recipes with shredded chicken? I've just been making chicken salad after chicken salad and think the meat might go bad soon. Can cooked chicken be frozen? Will it be weird after it's thawed again? What recipes do you guys have that require a lot of chicken and no oven?



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Googling "Whole30 Shredded Chicken" turned up a lot. Including:








BBQ (use fruit juice instead of honey)



Vietnamese Chicken Salad (no mayo)



Venezuelan Chicken Salad with Tostones (no mayo)



Tacos using a green leaf would also be great. 


I would play it safe and freeze it immersed some chicken broth, not by itself, just to keep it moist. 


When the oven comes back:


Meat Muffins




Baked Sweet Potatoes with Chicken


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I crockpotted a chicken this weekend and used it in tikka masala.  The recipe I've tweaked came from Against All Grain, http://againstallgrain.com/2011/03/15/paleo-chicken-tikka-masala/.


I skip the marinade process (and its yogurt) completely because I crock the chicken, but I add all the dry spices from the marinade section of the recipe into the sauce recipe.  Skip the honey and use sweet onions.  A good garam masala is critical.

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I crockpot a whole chicken frequently. I pick it all apart and separate the meat into 1 cup servings and freeze them in individual baggies inside a large gallon freezer bag. Then you have shredded, cooked chicken whenever you have a recipe that calls for it.


You can get SO much bone broth from a single chicken if you are willing to do the work. Once you have picked it all apart put all the bones back in the crock pot add 1 Tbs of raw apple cider vinegar and top it off with fresh cold water. You can also add veggies or seasonings if you like and sometimes I get frozen chicken feet to add as well. Turn the crock pot to low for 24 hours. After that time use a mesh sieve to get as much broth out as you can and put the bones and other stuff back in. Top back off with water and repeat the process. You can do this until the bones are all mushy and soft...about a week.


Bone broth can be frozen in ice cub trays or muffin trays and stored in zip top bags in the freezer for different amounts of broth when you need it.


The more you get out of that chicken the better your bang for the buck.

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We can scarf up a whole chicken at one meal!!!  (Which I admit is probably NOT a virtue as there are only 2 of us!)


Try roasting up a chicken with a flavor profile in mind.  For example, use a chili rub for it to have a more Tex-Mex flair.

Use lemon, garlic and herbes de provence for a more Mediterranean flavor.  Sky's the limit.  

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JenninTenn ~ haha, I'm with you, I don't understand "leftover crockpot chicken".  We have one chicken gone in one dinner for two and then our lunches the next day.  I've often though if I want leftover shredded chicken I need to cook 2 chickens, LOL!

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