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Been on Whole30 for a week - doing well!


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Hi all, 


My name is Tiffany and I started my Whole30 last Thursday. I've pretty much eaten Paleo the past few years, but was getting bored with my usual eggs/chicken/veggies meals (and had fallen off the Paleo wagon so far that I couldn't haul myself back up), so I thought this would be fun. 


I've gone through all of the Timeline of Terrible Feelings this week (as I've been calling it) and have definitely paid attention to small things, like when the boyfriend eats Stacy's pita chips in front of me. Or I'm at a bar and a free *REALLY GOOD OMG IT'S AN IPA MY FAVORITE* beer is offered to me. Or when a picture of a cupcake and icing pops up (which is odd b/c I don't have much of a sweet tooth and could care less sometimes about when an iced cupcake pops up).


But nope. I just chug back herbal tea and water and nuts. 


I've been keeping daily progress on my blog. Here's my first post about this whole ordeal: http://everyfrog.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/starting-whole30-day-1/


I have to admit, it's getting kinda boring right now. The blog, not the cooking! (I'm following theclothesmakethegirl's site mostly).






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