favorite snacking alternatives

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I know snacking is not a part of the plan. I also recognize that cravings in the late afternoon - between school and dinner - are old habits that may be emotionally based (I'm usually wiped out). All that being said, what are your favorite alternatives to grabbing a handful of nuts or dipping into the jar of coconut butter?

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Guest Andria

Distraction! Don't eat if you are not truly hungry otherwise you are just feeding that snacking dragon. As CaGirl said, go for the hard boiled egg if you are hungry.

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Some things that have helped me to not snack between meals:


First, I evaluate how much I ate at my last meal, compared to my activity level for the day.  I adjust as necessary next time.


That said, there are a couple of things that can help me such as...


-going for a walk

-sipping a big glass of ice water or cup of hot decaf tea

-doing something else (reading, video games, checking the Whole9 forums)


Then i decide if the hunger is real or if it was just something else.


Best wishes to you!

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