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Day 25 and feeling proud


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I am on day 25....and feeling proud.  I don't feel the tiger blood that people speak of but I have been sleeping better, my mood is better and my clothes have been fitting better since the first week.  The thing that is the best for me is that this has made me proud of myself, which rarely is a feeling I have.  I am much better at putting myself down, especially in regards to weight.  It is shameful that I do this and that so many other women do too.  This proud feeling started two days ago and has continued.


Last night, we when to the Boston Bruin's game.  We go a lot and typically eat at a brewery beforehand, have a beer or two and have more beer at the game.  I was somewhat dreading going to the game since it would be different.  Instead of the usual routine, I went home after work, we had a Whole30 meal and drank our club soda with lime (a beverage that acts for me like the wine I would normally have) and then we headed in to the game.  


It was strange to not drink but the benefits far outweighed the strangeness or wanting a beer.  We did not have to rush to get into the beer line, or the bathroom (because of drinking) and saved $9.75 per beer!!!).  And best of all, I had no issues with getting up for my 5:30am class.  A bit tired but simply from less sleep.  I actually looked around and saw most people double fisted with alcohol and realized that was us last year.


This just really pointed out to me that this is truly a lifestyle change.  It has made me super aware of lots of things and surprised me in other ways.  I was surprised that what I have missed the most is the organic 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee.  I knew I'd miss it but that is the one thing that I am most looking forward to having back and hoping it goes okay.


I still have 5 days left but I think my take away is going to be the feeling of being proud of myself for doing this; for stopping myself from getting on the scale at all (almost this morning) and for paying attention when the difficult points came, which they did.  Being mindful is so important yet so easy to forget.


Thanks Whole30!!

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